new registrant, research friendship

by thomas » 23 Mar 2016

Hello to all who pass through here.
I signed since last Saturday, and I gradually discovered the site and forum

by kofi5000 » 16 Aug 2016


by Layla » 11 Mar 2017

I new 2 is any one hear

by SingleGa » 12 Dec 2017

Hi I'm new too. I live in FL, though. Not sure there are many Americans here

by Sheila13 » 09 Apr 2018

Im also a newbee would be happy to chat to anyone out here

by Dee68 » 04 Jul 2018

I am a new member to Seniors UK having just joined a few days ago. just hoping to maybe make some new friendships here

by Curlyg31 » 09 Aug 2018

Hi there I’m Elaine a newbie from Dunde in Scotland 56 years young, looking for new friends. Moved back to my hometown after my marriage ended and it’s really difficult as everyone is all coupled up. Been here eight years now and even though I work part time and am a friendly person I still struggle and find that I do most things by myself. Be great to meet like minded young at heart people. I’m not a drinker or clubbed but love the cinema/films etc and am a talker. Any takers out there?

by Nancy » 13 Aug 2018

Hi, I'm new here too.

by bunny13 » 01 Jun 2019

Just wanted to say hi :) I'm a newbie here and still finding my way around.

by Kiki » 03 Aug 2019

Hi, l’m new to this site. Hope to make new friends.

by RubyMoon » 19 Aug 2019

Hi Just signed up. Read my profile & get in touch
If any questions. Won't linger on here if no contacts
made. Friendship only on my mind.

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