my resolutions: find love

by edward » 23 Mar 2016

This year 2015, almost over
and my resolutions in January 2015, it is enough to list them so they fly away, as if I opened the birdcage.
You had to also make resolutions for this year 2015, have you made?
My ten resolutions were:
- Not smoking, I not smoked for 22 years my
- Stop alcohol: I'm just a glass of good wine,
- Lose weight: My doctor is a little light
- Playing sports: I am reasonably for my age
- Be more diligent in my classes TAI CHI, it will be hard, given the teacher, I lectured saved myself ...
- Continue the march: I 5, 10, 15 kms a day next time
- Continue to write: the painting that replaces
- So why not sleep some more? : That would be ideal ...
- Not be boring: for that I would have to do the opposite of everything that is above
It remains for me to love a little more who love me

I will love you

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