men and andropause

by vanessa » 01 Apr 2016

If the woman does not seem to have difficulty talking about menopause, it is less clear to broach the subject of andropause aup of the male sex for reasons of modesty (yes !!) because it "touches" to their manhood !!
+ Fifties and in what state of mind you feel when approaching this physiological change?

by Rick » 11 Oct 2016

Hello all, andropause! I almost wish I had it, I'm 68 (my profile says 58 I know) my wife is 54 and hasn't wanted sex since the birth of our kids and it's driving me nuts. I don't know how I've survived the past 25yrs! We are at breaking point, not been out or holiday for 3yrs, I feel sometimes like I could explode if I don't find someone to share some passion. I have been on swinging sites and other sexual encounter sites to no avail. I feel andropause might be a blessing. What should I do? Richard

Breaking point has arrived, my wife left the marital home a week ago, I am doing my best to help her wherever I can with her move and furnishing her new home.

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