Looking for friendship

by Happy58 » 14 Dec 2018

I'm looking for friendships not currently dating, I find this very difficult. I am married but have gone through a major issue which has left me lonely and insecure. I'm a generally fun loving and happy individual that would live to have general chats without getting heavy. How can I do this?

by Kittykat » 04 Feb 2019

Happy 58,
Because you have gone through a major issue, which has left you lonely and insecure,now it is about building up your self esteem,self confidence, doing what makes you feel comfortable, pace yourself, First, you have to deal with the issues that left you lonely and insecure,until you do this,you will unable to move forward.

by sarclana » 07 Feb 2019

I would love to correspond with you. My email address is ***@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you

by Hammer » 20 Apr 2019

Hi. I recently joined this site to seek friendships intially. My situation is 'different' in that I am caring 24/7 for my terminally ill wife of 44 years. She was disgnosed last October with stage 4 lung and brain tumours and may live another 12 to 15 months. I really am seeking friends outside of family and existing circle as I need some semblance of 'normality' and a link to the future where I know I will be alone. I cannot leave her for longer than a few hours each day, and I will not 'date' as I am old- fashioned in my views. However, to message people on this site would be welcome, perhaps to build a relationship for the future. I have read the posts on the subject of making friends and I believe that you just have to carry on making the effort either talk on sites like this, or, as someone said, to join clubs and talk to as many people as poss.
Love to all and I look forward to speaking with anyone who wants to chat. X

by lantern » 17 Jul 2019

Hello Tony,

I hope that you have made some good progress in finding friends, or at least people to chat with, since your initial post. I am also a long-term carer (for a parent) and have just joined the site, despite the fact that I have precious little time or energy for socialising.

I think it's important to try to communicate with different people and maintain some personal interests. It must be so tough for you caring for your terminally ill wife, it's such a lonely and difficult journey. You are right about family and friends, it's not always easy to share thoughts and feelings with people who know (or think they know) what's going on.

My best wishes to you.

by Brad3690 » 18 Aug 2019

Why certain people have NO FRIENDS...or almost no friends...in some cases can be seemingly confusing.
In my case, I have some potentially good positive traits: I am a WM 68 with nice looks, wear normal casual clothes, have a normal pleasant personality. Sometimes, someone like myself might have a single friend..
and that single friend can bring you into contact with some of their friends. But they are always aware you are the odd ball..you are simply a friend of someone else. Not having any friends also is a problem that perpetuates itself. By being embarrassed about having no friends yourself, you don’t allow much to be known about yourself, you don’t allow much closeness to occur with others, because in doing so you will reveal the embarrassing truth about yourself ....which is the fact you don’t have your own social life and you don’t have anything to offer in this arena. I have placed personal ads on various sites ( including this one ) and I always tell the truth about my own empty social life...and I always say I am seeking a WF in her 60s with the very same social problem I have and who would not be harmed by my nature because she would have the very same odd social nature herself.

by Linda55 » 04 Sep 2019

Hello everyone
I have just joined Seniors and reading posts My dear husband lost his battle with cancer only a few weeks ago and I'm finding life very lonely family are great but sometimes there is a need to speak to people in the outside world I think

by isaac111 » 10 Sep 2019

Hit me Up
Don't worry our friendship gonna be fun , am gonna turn your sad face to a smiling face

by sylv6 » 07 Oct 2019

yes i 2 am looking 4 friendship only.pls read my profile... be lovely 2 hear from future friends.sylv

by Carla » 19 Nov 2019

Hi I'm looking to make friends, read my profile and if you want to chat, feel free

by Skylark » 27 Dec 2019

hello everybody would like to make friends yo socialise with hope there is someone out there

by fhsgb » 14 Jan 2020

Comments have been made about people with no friends,well i am one of them.The only friend i had was my wife,who died from cancer 12 months ago,married over 55 years.Main reason was the way I was raised as a child:1 children should be seen and not heard. 2 Speak when you are spoken to. 3 Do not talk to strangers. 4.Good manners at all times,politeness costs nothing.My wife was amazed that I did not have any friends or things like birthday parties,it probably did not help and this is another story that my sister?,who i did not find out about,till i was in my 20's was in fact my unmarried mother

by maria183 » 20 Feb 2020

hello you still out there

by psmiddx » 18 Mar 2020

Yes I'm in the same boat, love to find a walking buddy etc. Or just someone to share a coffee. When there are good prospects they're too far away!

by goodmate » 29 Aug 2020

i hope you are about to it you are about to chat with me dear

by goodmate » 11 Oct 2020

i am looking for love and sex and to be happy with some one

by willy123 » 25 Oct 2020

AM AN ARMY. Now I guess a question will come to your mind ( Why is he Single, As Beautiful as he is ) Isn't it ? Well, I was in Japan on a MISSION when my wife got admitted into the hospital due to her kidney problems, she had kidney failure, I had to leave the contract so i can be able to be with her, She was hospitalized for 14 months, she went through several surgery, i prayed for her, stayed with her and took good care of her. My MISSION in Japan was terminated due to my absence from work and was awarded to someone else to finish and i lost everything there. After her final surgery then i lost her, It was so hard and terrible on me, the Doctor said she lost so much blood, I was shocked because only when i thought she was going to be alright and be fine for me then she left me, i couldn't bear it but i know God knew best, i was disappointed then, i lost faith and suffered so much depression....

I didn't get over the death of my late wife for long but there is no wound that won't heal and mine is healed but left a scar( Loneliness ), Whereas, loneliness kills faster than death itself, which makes me think about it when I am alone but I am sure when I have someone that cares about me, someone that is understanding, who I call my best friend will always assure me I have her and I shouldn't worry because my loneliness makes me think about it. I know people tell me I look younger than my age but its because I like exercise. I do a lot of running, swimming, play sports and jogging. I like water so much you can call me a fish, its what I love.. I play all sports in water, surfing, water polo, water football and any water sport.

by KevinM » 05 Nov 2020

Been through a messy divorce and need to get back into dating, so trying this. I still work and it does keep me busy, but I need a life outside. Nice lady needed.

by goodmate » 28 Nov 2020

is any one ut there wants to chat with me on here if do please come and caht please about any think

by RED1 » 28 Jul 2021

Hi everyone
I am new here looking to make friends with anyone that can put up with me, love to have a good chat and laughs.

by RED1 » 28 Jul 2021

know what you're going through, have lost my hubby in April.

by steve882 » 16 Sep 2021

Hi l have recently separated with my wife after 30 years
So feeling a bit lonely just looking for some one to talk to.

by lyndab » 30 Sep 2021

Hi would love a new friend I am married but very lonely. Would love someone to chat to.
Love walking going for meals travelling and dancing.
I am new to this but I am a fun loving kind person

by Blondye » 04 Oct 2021

Hi looking for friendship and perhaps more. Mikki x

by curtis61 » 03 Nov 2021

60 mwm, onlne chat/fwb. Discretion is a must. No in person meet for now


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