Looking for friendship

by Happy58 » 14 Dec 2018

I'm looking for friendships not currently dating, I find this very difficult. I am married but have gone through a major issue which has left me lonely and insecure. I'm a generally fun loving and happy individual that would live to have general chats without getting heavy. How can I do this?

by Kittykat » 04 Feb 2019

Happy 58,
Because you have gone through a major issue, which has left you lonely and insecure,now it is about building up your self esteem,self confidence, doing what makes you feel comfortable, pace yourself, First, you have to deal with the issues that left you lonely and insecure,until you do this,you will unable to move forward.

by sarclana » 07 Feb 2019

I would love to correspond with you. My email address is ***@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you

by Hammer » 20 Apr 2019

Hi. I recently joined this site to seek friendships intially. My situation is 'different' in that I am caring 24/7 for my terminally ill wife of 44 years. She was disgnosed last October with stage 4 lung and brain tumours and may live another 12 to 15 months. I really am seeking friends outside of family and existing circle as I need some semblance of 'normality' and a link to the future where I know I will be alone. I cannot leave her for longer than a few hours each day, and I will not 'date' as I am old- fashioned in my views. However, to message people on this site would be welcome, perhaps to build a relationship for the future. I have read the posts on the subject of making friends and I believe that you just have to carry on making the effort either talk on sites like this, or, as someone said, to join clubs and talk to as many people as poss.
Love to all and I look forward to speaking with anyone who wants to chat. X

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