Life without Happiness

by Patrick0 » 17 Feb 2017

Life without happiness is a worthless life because even money cannot by happiness sometimes. Happiness is the the the key or recipe to a long life.some people would say happiness is as precious as gold and silver,it's worth more than having the whole wealth in the world because sometimes when you not happy.

by Layla » 11 Mar 2017

True u need happiness but you also need your health thats true lifes wat u make it

by dizzydi » 29 Sep 2017

Sometimes you have to make your own happiness, I did, I was lonely because I lived alone without a partner in my life, nobody to lean on, to rely on, to hug and be re-assured by, I began to feel negative about life, but as time went on I found myself starting to think differently, I realised I was always happy with my dogs, how they made me laugh with their antics, how they looked at me with love, genuine love, , even though they cannot see, their facial expression and their body language tells all. My house is full of love, I have freedom to come and go as I please, I can sit alone on my computer and educate myself or go to youtube and watch some funny videos, I describe myself as a good person because I am, I slowly learned to love and appreciate myself and be happy in my own company, I don't need lots of money to be happy, just a stress free, healthy, body and attitude. When you feel like that it draws people towards you, not in my case as I rarely go out, but I know the opportunity could be there. Yes happiness means all, but not in the form of money, gifts, and material things, I could now live in a empty house with no gas electricity or water, just me and my dogs, as a added bonus a mobile, and laptop would make me even happier though I'd have to buy a dongle. haha.

by Kittykat » 03 Feb 2018

Some people just go with the motions,to them ,they have been like this for years,they have absolutely no idea how happiness is,life is life to them,regardless of whether or not they are happy. There are many reasons for life without happiness,
Grief,depression,relationships break down,debt,losing a job,the list is endless.

by paperman » 03 Apr 2018

yes life without happiness is very precious .Happiness should come hand in hand with falling in love .The thing is when that happiness starts to decline people hold on to the love .If you are in love and content ,then you should be happy .Anyone who has the kind off happiness that was there when you fell in love is very lucky.

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