Impostors Liars on dating website

by jacqueline » 23 Mar 2016

The Impostors Liars, cheats and other deceivers are everywhere and more and more ...... He tries to impersonate it is not ... .. Your experiences ?? Tell ... if you want ...

by tintuck » 31 Jan 2017

its the scammers i hate,nearly got scammed.....bob

by Layla » 25 Mar 2017

I think u have to be really cafe full on dating sites because a lot of men and woman are married or have girlfriends. Jst want sex on the side but there also genuine x

by dizzydi » 08 Sep 2017

re-tintuck, yes its a big problem, users are everywhere on these sites, beware those who want your email so fast, they reckon the Russian women are notorious for scamming, but it might not even be a woman, I saw a documentary where about 10 blokes were lined up on computers and each one was in the process of scamming someone, they steal peoples photos and use them elsewhere on other dating sites. Glad you clicked on before YOU were scammed.

by Caro » 10 Sep 2017

I'm fed up of scammers. Luckily - or unluckily for me - that is all I seem to get but I've learnt to look for certain signs which will give them away. It's a shame these people seem to be so many in number but I've never been caught - so far - but they are very clever.

I've had one guy - 2 different names - same photo, different sites.

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