Impostors Liars on dating website

by jacqueline » 23 Mar 2016

The Impostors Liars, cheats and other deceivers are everywhere and more and more ...... He tries to impersonate it is not ... .. Your experiences ?? Tell ... if you want ...

by tintuck » 31 Jan 2017

its the scammers i hate,nearly got scammed.....bob

by Layla » 25 Mar 2017

I think u have to be really cafe full on dating sites because a lot of men and woman are married or have girlfriends. Jst want sex on the side but there also genuine x

by dizzydi » 08 Sep 2017

re-tintuck, yes its a big problem, users are everywhere on these sites, beware those who want your email so fast, they reckon the Russian women are notorious for scamming, but it might not even be a woman, I saw a documentary where about 10 blokes were lined up on computers and each one was in the process of scamming someone, they steal peoples photos and use them elsewhere on other dating sites. Glad you clicked on before YOU were scammed.

by Caro » 10 Sep 2017

I'm fed up of scammers. Luckily - or unluckily for me - that is all I seem to get but I've learnt to look for certain signs which will give them away. It's a shame these people seem to be so many in number but I've never been caught - so far - but they are very clever.

I've had one guy - 2 different names - same photo, different sites.

by Polaris » 17 Nov 2017

Everyone just needs to stay alert. Red flags are: They persuade you off the site fairly quickly. They ask to email you off site. They declare their feelings for you very fast, men say they work overseas a lot. They are engineers etc. I am not sure hat the 'fake' women do. My advice would be to women at least is: Stay in contact on site, don't be tempted to go off site. Genuine men will understand this.

by Rick » 02 Jan 2018

I can't speak for others but I am not a cheat or a liar, I have been on this site looking for a new long term partner/ soul mate/ love interest well before my ex wife left our home, we had little to do with each other for the last five years and been separated now for one year.

I'm still looking! I see the same ladies month after month, I send messages but at least nine out of ten are ignored, is my profile really that bad? do I look so disgusting? I am healthy, inteligent, fit and looking for someone to share the rest of our lives in happiness together, will I get my wish or will I turn into a gremlin and invade all your electronic and mechanical devices and cause havock? The choice is yours! Message me with offers of friendship, love, compassion and fun, above all else "fun". Thankyou, rant over "for now". Love you all, Happy New Year.

Added on, Nov/09/2018.
I'm still looking, I am on several sites using different names but I am always me, not trying to scam anyone or cause distress, my wallet is a bit thin due to recent separation but things are improving in that respect, I just want a life partner to share the ups & downs "please forgive the pun", I just turned 70, time is getting short!

If you like country walking, comedy, music from clasical through pop and rock to trad jazz, current affairs, nights infront of the fire and telly, nights on the town, galleries & museums, holidays here & abroad etc. and generaly love life, message me ""Fred Flintstone"", I'm a caring, sharing, tactile, totaly un PC trouble maker, I fight for worthy causes on 38Degrees,, Greenpeace etc, I've never been on a march but I did go to a local protest and appeared in the crowd on local news. Rick

by Poliana » 12 Apr 2018

Hallo do I get to chat with you away from here ?! I'd love to know more about you . Madeleine.....(Polyana) x

by Rick » 27 Jul 2018

I am in Loughborough, Leicestershire, I'm 69yrs old, so if anyone wants to find me just put those details in the search and I should come up, or put your details in a reply to this message and I will try to find you, although I don't come to this forum very much so it may take a while.
Happy hunting, Rick.

by Debbie » 07 Oct 2018

Dizzydi, I didn't believe him going along, but yes we talk. I had an American was in the Afghan Army until one day after two weeks. He forward real handsome photos swimming pool and nice houses. But I was 10 miles ahead of him. I could not understand why each time he Skype I can never see him. " His excuses were I am deep in the underground and he shouldn't be skyping. According to him he was looking around to buy a house in England as he was retiring, and his monthly salary is late and because of the war, he could not get out, I immediately told him sorry I can't help you. Then he sends a photo that I should meet sergeant major black woman at Birmingham airport with his retirement documents. I texted back to say those are his private documents. I am not fooled. The same morning another skype and this time I could see a quick shot of him and he quickly adjusts. He was a big fat slab, I texted immediately and said you are cheating CON which I suspect all along and whose photo you have stolen. I reported it and again was told he was a con, but HOW DID HE GET BACK TO BE A MEMBER? ONCE A THIEFING CON ITS IN THERE BLOOD. So it is not the sites. and we all just to be careful HE TEXTED AND CALLED ME A SELFISH MEAN WOMAN. Was looking money

by madrid » 02 Dec 2018

There are so many fake people on the online sites that say they are something they are not and that includes both males and females. I have been genuinely looking for a really true honest person for some time and am now losing all hope. The genuine people that want to find a genuine relationship are often lead up the garden path, so to speak, by people that think its fun to wind genuine folk up and lead them into false security. I have been the unfortunate person to fall prey to this twice already on some dating sites, it was only because of things that were said that just did not ring true to me that I stopped.

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