How to make friends ?

by claire74 » 26 Apr 2016

Here I explain, I'm 58, and apart from my family, I have no friends (e) s. Why I do not know anything, yet I do everything (well I think) to my knowledge do I belong to a choir, I was part of a country dance club but I had a problem and I can not dance and I miss it tremendously. I think I am a kind, open and discreet.
So if you can tell me how to create relationships to make me feel less alone and can no longer go out alone.
Thank you

by Lily » 08 Sep 2016

Hiya, I feel a bit the same myself. I am 55 and children gone now. Got friends in work, friends from ages ago and not so long ago but they all married

by nicko58 » 12 Jan 2017

It's hard to break into groups as they have paired up or gone into cliques etc. I think people find it hard to reach out these days.
I have tried groups and organisations and people were nice enough but never interested in me I felt.
I perhaps need to be more outgoing.

Kind regards, thanks for reading.

by Layla » 11 Mar 2017

Its hard bit keep trying join a club maybe one thats shared interests or Bobbi hope it works out. For u

by mags59 » 14 May 2017

I was thinking that joining a group may help, now I am mot so sure. Will I come home feeling more lonely.

by xyz » 24 Jun 2017

Joining a group for people who share one or more of your interests is maybe the best way as long as you don't expect friendships to happen quickly. It may take a while.

by Chemaude » 10 Jul 2017

I agree with Nicko58 - people are in cliques and not interested in inviting a new person in. I have given up trying to make friends

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