How to make friends ?

by claire74 » 26 Apr 2016

Here I explain, I'm 58, and apart from my family, I have no friends (e) s. Why I do not know anything, yet I do everything (well I think) to my knowledge do I belong to a choir, I was part of a country dance club but I had a problem and I can not dance and I miss it tremendously. I think I am a kind, open and discreet.
So if you can tell me how to create relationships to make me feel less alone and can no longer go out alone.
Thank you

by Lily » 08 Sep 2016

Hiya, I feel a bit the same myself. I am 55 and children gone now. Got friends in work, friends from ages ago and not so long ago but they all married

by nicko58 » 12 Jan 2017

It's hard to break into groups as they have paired up or gone into cliques etc. I think people find it hard to reach out these days.
I have tried groups and organisations and people were nice enough but never interested in me I felt.
I perhaps need to be more outgoing.

Kind regards, thanks for reading.

by Layla » 11 Mar 2017

Its hard bit keep trying join a club maybe one thats shared interests or Bobbi hope it works out. For u

by mags59 » 14 May 2017

I was thinking that joining a group may help, now I am mot so sure. Will I come home feeling more lonely.

by xyz » 24 Jun 2017

Joining a group for people who share one or more of your interests is maybe the best way as long as you don't expect friendships to happen quickly. It may take a while.

by Chemaude » 10 Jul 2017

I agree with Nicko58 - people are in cliques and not interested in inviting a new person in. I have given up trying to make friends

by Dee60 » 18 Jun 2018

Hi I joined this site hoping to find new friends but it seems to be just a dating site. If anyone there is interestedin friendships please let me know

by Kittykat » 14 Jul 2018

I am looking for friends,just friends, so if anyone wants to message me,that would be great.

by Monday » 26 Jul 2018

I also just joined and am looking only to make friends.

Would very much like to hear from anyone here to make friends.

by Oldbag » 07 Aug 2018

I agree with all of the above, hard to join in groups, most men on here looking for a new partner and seems wrong to message another woman.

I've joined here looking to make friends as not really ready to start dating again. Anyone who is like me feel free to get in touch via messages.

by Debbie » 29 Aug 2018

I am single , have been divorced for a while but finding it hard to meet some one. I find it can be frustrating when get involved on line and then you find cheating, and not proving what they really say when you starts out as a date, Long relationship ! No one is perfect, compromise and patients, but we should be honest to build any relationship , even if its just a friendship ." TIRED OF BEING FEELING FOR GRANTED AS THEY SAY" Especially when you fell heads over heel with some one. They wants you, but don't want to lose you , but still not honest . I'm still trying , though feels a loser in love. The number is rising , but the features still looks attractive and beautiful, Still looks young, and feels healthy for these numbers in my retirement. Their is no options on here , but ladies it is nice getting to know new friends, for a chat . When we reach the age of retirement from work, widowed and divorced, children grew up flown home its not the same . Loneliness crept in, just to have new friends around because we all lose our old friends either from work move homes. The main one I find is divorcing you know who your friends are .We could be on here for a man , but we need females friends also. Meet up for a drink or a coffee, or even mingle in shopping or a day out.
Well enjoy my typing and have a good day weather changing, Please get in touch by my inbox. Debbie

by Debbie » 02 Sep 2018

Hi ,this is a dating site asking for no subscrptions. Which I am pleased,as I had in the past. Once some of us ladies has been divorced' and becomes retire ,single the loneliness comes in more as I found.You will go on some saying sites. Please don't believe what you read at times. And goes with charms.We are either looking friendship,or a date with inview a long relationship. Most men don't know the difference, One is innocent thinking all is fine,while the other can still be browsing still looking . I would like sites having options. I am a friendly person and would rather have a ''friends '' I would rather a girl friend I can have a chat or meet up with. Why?because am not a loner,but never have loads of girl friend. Now not going out to work divorced, children grown upkeave home ,not going places like clubs ''yes it can be very lonely in your age group. Some men can be very selfish and I would say deceiving. I am looking for females members also in my age grou
p to get in touch for chat. I took that courage contacting a female member just the other day. At times that's all it takes. Bravery and just say hello. Have a good day all.

by Martfp » 07 Sep 2018

I've noticed the opposite when it comes to women ....All I seem to find are women desperate to be a couple and plan a future of devotion to each other lol Damn scary lol

by Kittykat » 28 Sep 2018

I would dearly love to hear from anyone looking for friendship only.

by magic01 » 10 Dec 2018

Hi everyone , I new around here . I'm Richard , 58 yrs old been divorced now for about
14 yrs . I have 2 grown kids who 20 & 23 yrs old , they live at home , which I'm glad if at the moment if just for the compan , well when they are at home . I've nit been in a relationship for a long time as I decided to focus on raising my kids . I have no friends or family and I didn't at any time raising the kids but now are grown I find myself very lonely , it's it a nice feeling is it ?. I would like to thinki a nice guy , im not perfect but who is ? I have many hobbies , love music ,reading , gardening , cooking cycling . It would be wonderful just to meet up with someone now and then , go for a chat and coffe or even the occasional meal out , theatre ,concerts . Anyway that's enough for now , if anyone fancies a chat drop me a lne . Be blessed

by Kittykat » 01 Feb 2019

I really believe,the older a person is, the harder it is to make friends,this is only my personal opinion,

by Piquet » 10 Feb 2019

Hmmm no posts since Dec on most forums. What happened?

Making online friends involve contacting each other. Leaving a simple 'Hi' message is first contact. Though not every contact will become a good friend and chatting together will certainly discover if that is possible.

Many people treat dating sites like a 'catalogue' and rarely take the time to get to know each other. Don't rush into a meeting. If one takes the time to chat, and if that goes well one would need to progress to a video chat, something like Skype then you can see the other person and their reaction to some of your questions. It is often harder for many to mislead or downright lie when face to face without letting some sign they are not being completely honest escape. Always trust your instincts they are rarely wrong especially when we are ..umm...err.... seniors.

by Liz590 » 03 Oct 2019

I am new here and wondering how to make friends online. I don't want to date at all. I am only recently widowed so no way dating I want to chat to other people men and women. I feel like i hardly spoke to anyone since my husband passed last year. (Don't worry I have family and I am not here for a shoulder to cry on either) So if there is anyone out thee feels the same give me a shout. If you are an animal lover give me two. If you live near me we can discuss the roadworks.

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