Happy and a pleasant company

by Debbie » 07 Oct 2018

Hi, This Debbie again. This is a dating site and I came on here to meet a man, yes a man. there should be an option for a girly site. These men do not know what they really want. Deceivers never change and I think it all happens on all sites. They will be dating you but still on the line when you un-scribed using the account. I want to make new friends as females, but again I find other ladies saying the same but that courage inside they have to be brave to contact others. Be honest yourself and friendship are better than nothing. Maybe someone with a strong, but not overpowering chemistry to form a good friendship.
I never have a good amount of girlfriends. I will travel to meet a friend after getting to know them, whether for a day and see what happen but yes at the same time I am a discreet person to what I would love to be right now. Good friendship and feeling relaxed is everything. When that shuts and you are behind it it can be frustrating and lonely. I used to love going to the theatre or a couple of wines with the girls from work, Retirement and family leaving home cant be lone for a lot of us. I joined a group once, to go walking to the Malvern and weekends away. But then the wrong weird ones by my photo were emailing for the wrong reason. I came off. Now see how it goes. Anyone wants to get in touch don't be shy. Debbie.xx

by Molly99 » 10 Oct 2021

Hi Debbie
Read your comments and not really sure what this site is, I have just joined, wanting to meet friends of either sex to be honest but although it gives people's ages it doesn't seem to say where they are. Did you find this, or maybe its me not reading it properly. However I hope you have had more success by now as you are posting again. I shall give this site a go and see what happens.

Good luck

Molly x

by Molly99 » 10 Oct 2021

Sorry just realised the post was October 2018 !

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