Friendship matters

by Nancy » 07 Nov 2020

I came to a crossroads in my life a couple of years and found it difficult to decide where my life should now go. The story is not important at the moment but I started to wonder where seniors go from there. I've lost a lot of friends and family over the years and I seem to be living in an ever shrinking world. The covid pandemic has not helped and perhaps it's made me think more of my own mortality.

I live on my own, have done for some time although never really felt lonely, but with self isolation and the socially safe restrictions, I'm beginning to know how it feels, and I don't like it. I already run a lunch club for any seniors who just fancy having a meal with friends, regardless of the status, however even that has had to come to a temporary halt because of restaurant restrictions. I live in an out of the way town, which doesn't help.

I'm interested in what others have done to combat the covid depression which seems to be enveloping folks at the moment. I was fine during the summer when I could potter in the garden, chat with neighbours etc but this time it's different and I find nobody wants to make any effort. I have plenty of things I can pass time with at home - on my own. I would love to meet new friends but socialising is becoming a fear.

by Loracia » 21 Feb 2021

Hi Nancy, your letter was a complete copy of what I would have wrote. My names Carol age 63 in May. I miss being able to go to the library to read the papers or find a book. I miss being able to browse round the charity shops in Long Eaton to which we have many but are all closed due to the pandemic. My daily walks with the dog have been shorter due to the cold weather and gardening has been nil.

I have two grown up daughters who I do see every week and five granddaughters. They are kind to me but I try not to bother them with the feeling of being alone and would like to hear from someone for friendship. It was good to read your letter and hopefully we will soon be back in the garden. Do you have any pets. Take care Carol

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