Asexual Males

by Eliza123 » 19 Jul 2018

Any males on this site who are asexual?

by magic01 » 15 Dec 2018

I wouldn't say I'm asexual but celibate and have been now for about 10 yrs . I made this decision based how the world use sex or sexual behave in order to gain affirmation that persons are with male or female . I think sex , sexual growth , maturity is very difficult to find or ascertain , I in both sexes many are controlled by there urges and there there are many f the opposit sex gain some King power or even control of the opposit sexes . Either by the ettire we wear or behaviour we portray . I fund living on a such level I very limiting as we don't get to see the inner being ,soul , spirit of the person we wish to know and love .

by Eliza123 » 23 Jan 2019

Hello Magic01. Where are you based? I'm in Hull

by geebee » 29 Jan 2019

Not really one for all these sexuality labels but i have been single since 2001 and not actively looking for nor had sex since then so not sure if that is classed as Asexual or not.

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