a relevant reflection on femininity

by vikki » 25 Mar 2016

why women have changed? bare arms, shoulders and birth breasts uncovered, rumps in skirts, shorts, jeans ultraserrées the féinin nudism spreads !!!! While men themselves remain normally covered !!!!! The difference in behavior ...... .We wondered whether women's liberation is not an illusion? Because we see that, despite the feminist struggles, men assault, operate and still dominate the female body !!!!!

by Rick » 20 Oct 2016

Could it be that women are actually "afraid" may be too strong a word but maybe worried about equality and dont really want it?
Maybe they feel threatened that it could take away there femininity, I dont want to be with a woman that wants to compete with me I want to be loved by a woman who is strong on the inside but soft and gentle outside. Am I wrong?

by Polaris » 20 Nov 2017

No Rick, I believe you are right. Women can retain their femininity without becoming too masculine or too feminist. I think it's all about balance, respecting one another's differences and embracing that. I believe in equality but I also believe women should be just that - women and men should be men.

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