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Are you over 50 and without a partner?

Is it because you spent all your time concentrating on your career and not much time socialising, or maybe it is because you are divorced and feeling overwhelmed by the dating scene. Or, could it be that you have lost your partner, although you still have a lot of love or friendship to give. Whatever the reason, you don’t stay alone forever. Somewhere out there is a match for you, a fifty plus match that can transform your life and put an end to being lonely.Over 50 dating is what is says, a fifty plus matchmaker site that helps you to find love, friendship or both from the comfort of your own home.

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Make yourself a cuppa, settle down and register on the over 50 dating site and begin your journey. All our members are over the age of 50, so you won’t be frustrated by reams of so called matches that clearly don’t fit in with your age group. Our site welcomes fifty plus singles only, to make your search for the perfect match so much easier.

Are the profiles I view matched with my hobbies and interests?

We do try and send you profiles of people who have the same hobbies and interests as that means that you are more likely to be compatible, but it isn’t always the case, so if you receive profiles that don’t quite match your criteria, read them, you might find them interesting anyway.

How will I find a good over 50 dating?

By viewing the profiles and picking people who share the same interests or similar hobbies to your own. Try and keep an open mind though, it may well be that you will get on with someone who doesn’t appear to have similar interests to you, if you like the sound of the person it is worth sending them a message.

Do I need to upload a photo?

Yes, people like to see an image of the person they are reading about, or talking to. Don’t be shy, send a recent picture of yourself and try not to be tempted into sending one that was taken many years ago. Honesty is the best policy. Just because you don’t like yourself in glasses or you think you’re too fat doesn’t mean that someone else will think it. Be yourself.What if I don’t match with any of the profiles?There might be some profiles that you just don’t want to contact, or after a few messages you realise you don’t gel, but don’t give up. Men and women register with Fifty plus Dating every day, so there are always new profiles to view and matches to be made.

As long as you make your profile honest and sincere there is no good reason why you won’t find a friend or someone to love using an internet dating site like Fifty plus Dating. It may not happen overnight, but if you keep looking and messaging any potential matches it will happen. There is someone for you out there, they just need to be found!


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