Whether you’re already retired or you’re going to be soon, you may well find yourself tempted by the idea of experiencing life in another country. If you’re wondering where to go, here’s our list of some of the best places you could retire to.


The warm climate and the low crime rate make Australia a top-choice country for expats. With its spectacular landscapes, such as the impressive Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the middle of the continent-nation, its amazing beaches and its incredible cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, Australia is one of the best places to be. Whether you prefer to settle in a big city or a small town, by the beach or in the outback, you’ll find yourself relaxed with the Aussies’ laid-back way of life. The low taxes and the cheap healthcare are other great advantages. Additionally, you won’t have to learn another language!

Costa Rica

With its stunning landscapes and its tropical weather, Costa Rica attracts more and more visitors, including a large number of European retirees. Its progressive environmental policies will surely attract eco-friendly people. You can choose to settle in the capital San Jose or in a smaller town by the sea, it’s up to you! Its lush inlands, impressive waterfalls, heavenly beaches by the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea never fail to charm. It’s time to learn (or review) your Spanish!


The South of France is a destination of choice for many expats, the proximity with the UK being a huge plus point. Whether you choose the Atlantic coast, the Mediterranean coast or the high mountains of the Pyrenees, you’ll find a place for you. The beautiful landscapes and the great cuisine won’t make you regret your stay. The country also has one of the worlds’ best healthcare systems. Moreover, as the British expat community is very large in this part of France, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to speak your native language.


A low cost of living (one of the lowest in Europe), cheap housing and great healthcare attract lots of retirees to Portugal. The fabulous weather and the friendly inhabitants are just two reasons why the country is considered one of the best places to retire on the planet. You’ll find there a well-established expat community and thus many people with whom you can speak English. With its 3,300 hours of sunshine per year and its sandy beaches, the Algarve region is one of the most popular destinations.


If you’re seeking something totally different, choose Thailand. Its rich and fascinating culture will blow your mind. In this southeast Asian country, you’ll find a myriad of superb Buddhist temples, marvelous sandy beaches, green mountains and jungles, without forgetting the friendly and warm locals. The high-quality healthcare, cheap property and low cost of living (one of the lowest on earth) have convinced many British people to settle. If you decide to move to this wonderful land, you’ll have the choice between several residency visa options.


The beautiful landscapes and the rich culture of Italy make it one of the most popular countries in Europe to retire to. The delicious cuisine and wines, the crystal-clear sea and the friendly Italians apart, this country also offers a low cost of living and year-round sunny weather. You might find your new home in the historical city of Rome or in the lovely region of Abruzzo.


Thousands of expats have made the decision to up sticks and start a new life in Malaysia. In this amazing country, you’ll see elegant British colonial buildings, you’ll meet friendly and warm people and discover a rich culture. Furthermore, the cost of living in this Asian nation is very attractive, healthcare is excellent and the public transportation modern. Other reasons to move to Malaysia include its great landscapes, the incredible beaches and the proximity to the wealthy and lively city-state of Singapore.


Its 3,100 hours of sunshine a year and the use of English as first language confirms Malta as one of the favourite destinations of expat Brits. The turquoise sea, the warm weather and the rich culture are all excellent arguments to fly there as soon as possible. If the fact that Malta is one of the most densely populated nations in the world doesn’t bother you, don’t wait any longer and pack those bags today.