When you’re a man or a woman over 50, whether you’re divorced, separated, or you’ve lost your spouse, you inevitably have more emotional baggage and perhaps more wisdom that you had in the past. You are also more mature and you know a bit more about what you want and what you don’t want in life.

If you’re a woman looking for 50+ singles on dating sites or someplace else, you need to know a bit more about how men over 50 think and what they are looking for.

Although many things remain the same regardless of age, what these slightly older, more experienced gentlemen are looking for in a woman, and what they expect from a relationship, is usually a little different than that desired by their younger counterparts. So, what do single men over 50 really want?

Single men over 50 want to have fun

We all want a partner with whom we can have fun and laugh. This is especially the case after 50, when you’re retired (or about to be), and the children are all grown up. It’s the best moment to enjoy life and relax!

That’s why men over 50 are looking for someone with whom they can have an exciting time, laugh and be happy, whether this involves having funny and stimulating conversations, attending friends’ dinner parties, or travelling around the world with their partner or friends.

They value honesty and respect

They may have been rejected several times by women. They may have been through a divorce, and perhaps ugly arguments. So, these senior single men are not looking for drama or playing games. Instead, they want to find someone who respects them for who they are and who is honest about their feelings.

They are looking for a relationship

Of course, everyone is different, and we cannot make generalisations. However, a lot of senior men seem to prefer serious relationships over something superficial that doesn’t lead anywhere. They are often looking to start a new life with someone trustworthy, and, if things go particularly well, perhaps even end up living together or even get married again after 50!

They want to have sex

Older adults continue to have sex in their senior years. In addition to romance, 50+ men are looking to have sex with their partner. However, for women, it’s common for menopause to affect their libido or provoke vaginal dryness during sex.

If this is your case, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to your GP. They may be able to suggest treatments and could help you to increase your sex drive after 50. Sexuality doesn’t stop after menopause. Women too can enjoy having sex in their later years!

They are looking for a companion

Men over 50 are often seeking out a companion, a loving and caring woman with whom to chat, go to dinner and enjoy life. They are not necessarily looking for someone to marry or even someone to live with. What they want is simply someone open and kind, who can make everyday life feel joyful and pleasant.

They want to spend time with someone dynamic

Men over 50 appreciate the company of an active and passionate woman. After all, fifty is still young and many people at this age are as fit as a fiddle! Therefore, senior men want to continue to have fun, go out, travel, visit their friends, etc. for as long as they can. They are not quite ready yet to just stay at home and watch TV every single night (although it can be nice from time to time!)

Do 50+ men really want to date younger women?

This is a recurring question amongst women: do senior men actually want to date younger women? Although some of them do date younger women, the truth is that men (just like their female counterparts) simply prefer dating somebody who puts effort into their appearance.

Physical attraction matters at every age. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to look like a 20 or 30 year old! If it’s not already the case, you can always go back to sport after 50. Not only will exercising help you to stay fit, but you’ll also be much healthier.

Additionally, if you don’t feel good about the way you look, you can do something about it! You cannot erase your wrinkles and go back in time. However, there are many little improvements you can make. Why not buy some new clothes or jewellery? Dating again is also the opportunity to change your haircut or to update your makeup (but bear in mind, of course, that none of this is mandatory!).

On top of that, taking care of your appearance helps to boost your self-esteem and to make you feel more confident, which is always incredibly sexy. And fifty plus men love that!