With the arrival of spring comes the sunny long weekends, the much-awaited holidays with the grandkids. Having the grandkids at home for a few days or weeks is always a pleasure. However, it can become hard to find activities to keep them busy and away from the screens. Here are some ideas to help you keep the grandkids entertained while they are with their grandparents during the holidays.

Get some fresh air thanks to outdoors activities

If the weather is lovely, why not spend the day outside? You could, for instance, organize a nice treasure hunt or games involving water. Kids are crazy about that kind of thing! You don’t have a garden? No problem, you can still go to the public park and play with water balloons or have a game of badminton. You could also go for a little nature walk and play some classic games while hiking such as “twenty questions” or “I spy with my little eye”. A fun way to enjoy some beneficial vitamin D!

Another idea: creating a mini garden in a shoe box, for instance. It’s amusing, creative and the kids also learn lots of stuff about how to grow plants in the process!

Enjoy board games and cards

On a rainy afternoon or after dinner, instead of watching TV, playing board games or cards can be really fun! Monopoly, scrabble, Cluedo, chess, trivial pursuit or UNO – there’s lots of choice, whether you have two, three, four or even more players. Why not teach your grandkids your favourites and, in return, learn from them too? They must know plenty of games that you haven’t heard of!

Let’s become a little pastry chef

Holidays or the weekend offer a great opportunity to bake cookies, cupcakes or biscuits. It’s the moment to share you mum’s or granny’s famous recipe with the younger generation! Plus, kids like being involved in grown-up activities. Not only is this a great way to teach the little ones the basics of baking, you also have a tasty reward at the end: eating those delicious homemade creations! If your grandchildren enjoy cooking, why not go even further and prepare lunch or dinner together?

Play video games

Regardless of whether you are a complete novice when it comes to video games or not, playing them with the grandkids will surely be fun and lively! Wii, PlayStation, Nintendo DS, or even games on the tablet: the choice of media and video games is huge. Mario Kart is always a fun one to start with! Ask your grandchildren to show you their favourite games. For once, the kids become the teachers and as a result, this is a great way to create a bond between the younger and the over 50s generation.

Go to the library

Unless they have already brought a stack of books along with them, you could always take a little trip with the grandkids to the local library. Reading is a great way to develop their imagination, as well as to strengthen their level of language comprehension. The children’s section is usually a very rich source of fantastic books, comics and other stories that kids love.

Theme parks

Theme parks have always been very popular with children. You can see their excitement and their eyes sparkling the moment a trip is suggested!

Depending on their ages and personalities, your grandchildren may have a preference: Thorpe Park, Drayton Manor or Legoland (for kids below the age of 12) are just a few possible suggestions. It’s also worth considering outdoor activities such as New Forest Water Park, acrobranching, or even a nice pony trek at the local farm. Check to see if the local fun fair is in town. Children will really appreciate the experience and will surely end up talking about their fabulous day for a long time after!

Enjoy a sunny day at the beach

If the weather is nice and you don’t live too far from the beach, why not go for a day trip and bring the bathing suits, the rubber ring, the hats and the sunscreen? Grandkids and grandparents alike will love it!

Go to the zoo

It’s a well-established fact that children are fond of animals. Going to the zoo with the grandkids is the occasion to show them elephants, monkeys, pandas, lions and giraffes, and perhaps allow them to discover some new animals they didn’t even know existed! It’s also a great outdoor activity for a sunny day. The rain won’t stop? Try the aquarium instead. Kids will enjoy seeing sharks, manta rays, turtles and the wide variety of exotic, multicolour fishes that are on display.

Go crafty

Whether this is drawing, colouring, clay modelling, collage, making bracelets or creating an origami mobile, there are plenty of crafty activities that you can do with your grandchildren. You can easily find inspiration on the internet. Try browsing one of the many blogs dedicated to arts and crafts or even dive into the world of social media, specifically into Pinterest. It’s full of good ideas! Of course, you will have to adapt these activities to the kids’ age.