Our sex lives don’t stop after 60. Not at all. These days we tend to live longer and are more healthy, and, as such, passion and romance are far from being things that are only reserved for the young. Furthermore, men over 70 are still having sex.

Physical intimacy later on in life is not the same as it was when we were younger. Our bodies have changed over the years and arthritis, diabetes, dryness for women, as well as a change in hormone production, can all make having sex more difficult.

Nonetheless, sex is a wonderful way to exercise and remain healthy. But, just as with any other kind of exercise, you need to take care not to harm certain parts of the body, such as the back or the knees. To enjoy the experience fully without doing yourself any damage, why not take a look at our recommendations for the best sexual positions for those over 60 who still want to have some fun.


Do you have back issues or a larger belly? Give spooning a go. This position is also great for the knees, as it doesn’t involve any pressure. Both partners lie on their sides with the man penetrating the woman from behind. She can help the process along by pressing her back against her lover.

Another possibility is for the female partner to raise one of her legs, allowing her lover to penetrate her more easily. For added pleasure, he can also stimulate her erogenous zones with his fingers, focusing for instance, on her clitoris or breasts. Spooning is a cuddling position, ideal for enjoying a sweet and intimate moment with your lover. It is also very relaxing for both partners!

A variation of spooning requires the male partner to lie on his side, supporting his head on his elbow. Lying on her back, his lover forms a perpendicular angle with him. Their pelves make contact with each other which helps with penetration. This variation is ideal for those with back pain and has the added benefit of being not too strenuous.

The Zen Pause

This side-by-side position is perfect for enjoying a tender and relaxing moment with your lover. Both partners lay on their sides facing each other. They then intertwine their legs causing their bodies to press together, which in turn facilitates penetration.

The Butterfly

This position is excellent for seniors with lower back pain, and also allows for easy penetration. To perform the butterfly, the female partner lies on the very edge of the bed (or table or desk) with her pelvis raised, while her lover stands in front of her supporting her legs on his shoulders. To help keep her hips in a raised position, it’s advisable for the female partner to place a pillow beneath her lower back.

Time bomb

The time bomb is a great position for making love after 60 when you suffer from back and/or knee pain. The man sits on a chair with his lover perched on his lap, facing him. This position allows for easy penetration that limits the pressure on the legs and back. To make things easier, it’s best to avoid using a chair that is too high. This way the female partner can easily touch the floor with her feet and keep herself stable.

Foreplay and masturbation

Sex is not only about penetration. Men and women over 60 can have fun and enjoy having sex in other ways. In fact, foreplay is important as this creates intimacy between the two partners. The good thing is that this doesn’t involve performing any complex gymnastics, whilst also giving lots of pleasure.

Mutual masturbation is an easy way to climax without penetration and doesn’t require a great deal of effort. Oral sex is also perfect for stimulating each other’s erogenous zones using the mouth, tongue or lips. Treating your partner to an erotic massage is another way to create intense pleasure. If you want to make the ambiance even more romantic and sexy, don’t hesitate to use a nice scented massage lotion!