After a certain age (usually when we are in our fifties or beyond) most of us don’t travel the way we used to when we were younger and sprightlier. Those wild times crashing on the sofa of some random guy or hanging out in a dorm room with 15 other people are long gone. So are the crazy parties on the beach with loud music and buckets full of alcohol, which were amazing to meet people, but may not seem quite so attractive anymore.

Mature man reading book in sleeper train

After 50 we tend to want something more relaxing, comfortable and slower paced. Most of us prefer staying in a cozy, relatively luxurious hotel rather than in a crowded room full of partygoers. We enjoy visiting places in a leisurely manner, all while learning more about the local culture.

Whether you’re a senior in retirement or not, if you love traveling but are unsure where your next destination should be, don’t worry, we’ve created a list of the best destinations for 50+ travelers (keeping in mind that there are, of course, many other amazing places worth visiting!).

And since you’re traveling alone, we’ve selected safe destinations where meeting senior men and women over 50 is made easier.


Italy is so gorgeous. Whether it’s Rome, Venice, Lake Como in or Florence, there’s always something astonishing to contemplate wherever you go. The art and history lovers will surely enjoy Italy and its many museums and historic sites, such as the Coliseum, Pompei or the Vatican. Additionally, this Mediterranean country enjoys sunny, pleasant weather all year round.

If you’re already visualizing yourself enjoying a delicious pasta dish accompanied by a glass of wine on a sunny terrace, don’t wait any longer and book your trip!


Yes, Greece is another Mediterranean country, but it’s such a beautiful region to visit! Just like Italy, Greece has a very rich culture and history. The climate is sunny and warm for most of the year, which is ideal for either hiking or relaxing on the beach.

Furthermore, that famous Greek hospitality is no legend. The Greek people really are incredibly friendly and welcoming! On top of that, if you want to meet nice people of your age, this shouldn’t be too complicated as Greece has one of the fastest aging populations in the world. Maybe you could meet a 50+ single or even fall in love? Who knows!

So, will it be Athens, Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos or Paros?


With its wildlife, peculiar fauna, astonishing beaches and kind people, this little continent (or huge country) down under never stops fascinating us. This is why Australia is one of the 50+ people’s favorite destinations. Moreover, the fact that this is an English-speaking country is definitely a big plus for those who aren’t so comfortable with foreign languages. Whether you explore Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Uluru (Ayers Rock) or the Great Barrier Reef, you’re guaranteed to have a unique experience.


Imagine yourself in Paris, taking a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower or sipping rosé all while enjoying the views of the stunning French Riviera. Maybe even playing Kings and Queens by exploring the Châteaux of the Loire Valley! There are so many things to visit in this beautiful European country.

Additionally, the wines and numerous delicious specialties make France the perfect destination for the 50+ food lover.

The Caribbean

The endless white sandy beaches. The sun and blue sky. With the tropical or subtropical climate, the water temperatures vary from 31 °C (88 °F) to 22 °C (72 °F) and you can expect 25 °C and 32 °C on average all year. And let’s not forget the amazing and tasty food!

Whether this is Guadeloupe, Barbados, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Tortola amongst many others, the choice is yours. There are countless amazing islands to explore!


Japan is a country which will completely blow your mind. Everything is far from what we are accustomed to, whether this is the architecture, the culture, the fashion, the colors, and smells, or the pleasant feeling of security. You may not speak the language, but everything is so well organized that finding your way to your train or hotel is really not that complicated.

Additionally, Japanese food is delicious, and there are so many different specialties to try that you (probably) have never heard of! Last but not least, Japan is the country with the oldest population in the world, which is ideal for making some new connections.


India is certainly one of the most fascinating countries in the world. This destination might seem a little more adventurous than the other places mentioned above, however, India is becoming more and more popular amongst 50+ travelers, especially women.

What some of the baby boomers particularly like is to explore the country with tour operators. They create the perfect holiday package for their customers, so you don’t need to organize anything. And this way, traveling is easy and, most importantly, safe. Perfect!