Longing to go on a fantastic trip and discover the world? Whether this is to help you find some inspiration for your next adventure or just to dream a little, whether you want to travel with your spouse or go it solo, as well as whether you are planning to retire abroad or simply looking to get a little fresh air, discover some of the best baby boomers blogs about traveling.

My Itchy Travel Feet

If you’re looking for comprehensive travel advice, check out My Itchy Travel Feet. Through well-written articles and beautiful photographs, Donna and Alan Hull happily share their adventures and their top tips with their fellow boomers who wish to follow in their globetrotting footsteps.

Adventures of Empty Nesters

Once the kids left home and were fully independent, Suzanne and her husband Craig decided to take off and go on an adventure! On their blog, Adventures of Empty Nesters, this American couple with wanderlust enjoy sharing with their readers the details of their numerous trips, with an emphasis on luxury hotels and marvelous restaurants. There is a lot to read: they try to plan a new trip every year so they can discover places they have not yet been to.

Never Stop Traveling

On its home page, Never Stop Traveling describes itself asthe source for travelers who want to go beyond the typical trip”. Indeed, this team of passionate travelers make a point of sharing their real experiences of travel and allowing their readers to discover incredible destinations. All their articles – accompanied by amazing photographs – will give you itchy feet and inspire you to pack your bags and head off to see the world. Whether you want to go to Albania, Ecuador or South Africa, you’ll find fantastic advice and stories that will make you want to leave tomorrow.

Chris Cruises

Luxurious, comfortable and an excellent way to meet men and women over 50, cruises are one of the most popular forms of travel for seniors. If, like them, you get goosebumps at the thought of discovering the world by boat, Chris Cruises’ blog is for you. You will find useful tips to help you plan your trip, whether you are planning to sail in Europe, America, Asia or Africa.

Home Free Adventures

Thinking about selling the house and making the most of your retirement by traveling the world? Lynne Martin and her husband Tim did it! Both passionate about discovering and blogging, these two nomadic retirees share their inspiring experience, along with handy tips, on their site Home Free Adventures. If you’re planning to do the same, this is undoubtedly the blog for you!

Life Part 2

Looking for great travel tips? Check out Jonathan’s blog. After selling everything he owned in 2011, this American retiree packed what little was left and took off to see other landscapes. He created Life Part 2 to encourage other boomers to discover our amazing planet, as well as to show them that the world isn’t such a scary place after all. Bonus: Jonathan’s photographs are astonishing!

Blonde Brunette Travel

Two sisters – one brunette one blonde – share a common passion: discovering the world. Although they have led very different lives – one being a single and childless marketing executive, the other a substitute teacher who also happens to be a mum of four boys – they share a love of traveling and a wonderful sense of humour. With a preference for luxury travel over shoestring budget camping, Kay and Anne eventually decided to write about their trips around the globe on Blonde Brunette Travel.

The Roaming Boomers

For David and Carol, “life is a trip”. In fact, they have been traveling around the planet for years and in the process have seen countless wonders. Their blog the Roaming Boomers boasts over 1,000 articles which all contain useful tips and beautiful pictures. Luckily for us, they decided to share their incredible experiences in order to help luxury travelers know where to go and what to do to follow in their path.

Women on the Road

Traveling solo as a woman is not the same as it is for a man. Nonetheless, Layla of Women on the Road believes that every woman who wishes to travel the world solo should pursue their dreams without any fear. Therefore, this blog, more specifically addressed to women, gives handy tips to those who want to take off on their own but are not sure where to start.

Hole in The Donut

Bored of working jobs that didn’t fulfil her, Barbara Weibel eventually decided to change her life. With her sights set on new horizons, she created Hole in the Donut to detail her astonishing adventures, as well as to explain how she successfully made a fresh start. Recently, Barbara flew to Australia and shared the details of her beautiful experience with her readers.

Otts World

If you are longing for a complete change of scenery, you might find inspiration over at Otts World. Not only does the blog look beautiful in itself, it also provides a great deal of support for women and men looking to travel to more off-the-beaten-path destinations. Written by Sherry Ott, who described herself as a solo female wanderer, the site features unique trips and explorations, all accompanied by breathtaking photos.

Solo Traveler Blog

Solo Traveler Blog is full of useful tips for those over 50 (or younger) who are considering discovering the world on their own. The two writers, Janice and Tracy, have a common passion for traveling solo, as well as for blogging. If you’re looking for advice on how to travel solo or for ideas of new exciting destinations, you’re in the right place!