If you are retired from your job, you might not necessarily want to give up working completely. However, maybe you are not mobile or you don’t want to travel very far. In that case you can look at some of these work from home jobs.


There are a number of tutoring jobs online, depending upon your expertise. If you are a retired teacher there are a number of tutoring websites looking for applicants. Have a look at the Open University vacancies or at Owl Tutors for an idea of what subjects they need tutors for and the rates of pay. If you play a musical instrument, you could perhaps teach from home. Piano lessons are very popular. Advertise in your local newspaper or in shop windows and supermarket notice boards.

EBay Seller

cheerful senior businessman looking at camera

EBay is a massive and popular website that sells everything from clothes to cars. Start off with the things in your house that you don’t want, or begin to collect things that really interest you and re-sell them. There are lots of useful hints and tips about eBay on the internet and a useful question and answer section on the eBay site.


There are a vast number of freelance writing jobs on the internet. You can search companies like Upwork.com or People per Hour and write about topics such as travel, health, beauty or business, whatever you know about in fact. You need to post a short profile about your skills and then you can apply for the jobs that are advertised daily.


If you have good keyboard skills you can work at home as a transcriber or a virtual assistant. Some companies require you to carry out a certain number of hours like Sterling Transcription, but others are more flexible like Transcript Divas. You can also look for transcription jobs on Freelance sites like Upwork and People per Hour.

Sewing and Mending

If you can do alterations, mending, quilt or curtain making then there is a market for your talent. Advertise in your local free paper and put cards into shop windows. You could also put your profile on the Fiverr website. This is a freelance web portal where people work for five pounds and more. See the site and read blogs and the forum.

Dog Sitting or Dog Walking

If you enjoy the company of dogs then you could become a dog sitter or a dog walker. People who need their dogs looking after will bring them to your home, where you care for them. If you need an excuse to get off the sofa, then you could consider dog walking, which will keep you fit and get you out and about in your local area. Rates vary, they start at around 8 and 10 for walking and 10 and 20 a night for boarding. Put adverts in local shops, on Fiverr or have a look at the Gumtree website.


Do you speak another language apart from English, are you good enough at English and another language to translate? There are a number of translation agencies online, who are always looking for new translators. You could also look at the translation freelance page ProZ.com or advertise yourself on Fiverr or People per Hour.


If you have spent your working life in a particular field then it’s a good bet you have the experience to become a consultant. All you need are good communication skills and plenty of knowledge and business sense. Read this article from the Guardian newspaper, which tells you all about setting up your business.


If you like to dig and delve on the computer or using books then you could become a researcher. If you like family history and you know your way round the family history sites and the forums, you could research for people who have the interest, but not the time. Put a profile on Fiverr or contact your nearest Family History organisation, you will probably find their details in your library.


It’s the one thing many busy mums leave to last and it’s often left in a heap in the spare room. You could charge per item or by the hour and advertise in your local paper, on Fiverr or on supermarket notice boards. Your clients deliver and collect their ironing and you do the job from home.