If you’ve been looking for love for a while without any success, you might be under the impression that there are no interesting singles around you. Perhaps you’re finding that when you finally meet someone you fancy, they are often already spoken for. This feeling that there is no one left for you often rears its ugly head after a long period of celibacy or following several disappointing dates or negative encounters.

Also, because you’ve heard the same thing repeated time and again by your single friends, maybe you’ve finally ended up asking yourself, ‘Are all the good ones already in a relationship?’ This question is unfortunately quite common, particularly amongst seniors dating over 50.

Plenty of great men and women are looking for love, too

However, the assumption that all the good ones are taken is just incorrect. There are plenty of people out there that are both available AND interesting! After all, you haven’t met everyone, right? Some of the “good ones” might be taken, it’s true, but – fortunately – not all of them.

Besides, with the rising number of divorces and separations, there’s a constant turnover of new and amazing singles on the ‘market’. Some people who were with their spouse for decades break up, while other singles decide to start a new relationship. Many seniors find love again in their fifties, sixties, seventies or even later! You don’t find anyone that interests you at the moment? Perhaps you just need to wait a little longer.

Moreover, if you have the impression that all the people around you are either boring/unfriendly/creepy/self-absorbed/etc. or married, you might simply need to look a little further afield. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to meet new people, such as joining a club, going to the gym, volunteering or walking your dog. Going out and being pro-active in your search is key to finding the one!

Find a match on a dating website

Online dating is a good and easy way to find singles over 50 like you. Dating websites give you the chance to meet many people in just one place. You can select profiles based on your own criteria, and search for those looking for the same kind of relationship, living around you or sharing the same hobbies. You’ve found someone interesting? Start the conversation by sending them a first message!

Chatting online isn’t enough to really get to know someone though. It’s only when you meet them face-to-face that you can truly gauge whether they could be a match for you. However, remember that it often takes more than just one date to know if something could happen between you or not. So, don’t hesitate to see them a second or even a third time before finally making up your mind. You could have a nice surprise!

Be patient

Of course, finding the right person is not easy. You won’t meet “the one” with a snap of the fingers, just because you’ve joined the gym and updated your wardrobe. Sometimes, finding love can take a while. You might have to date a few people before finding the right one, but, as long as you don’t stay locked up at home, you’ll meet someone amazing eventually.

After all, what you need is to find just one person. And as the song says (and it’s so true), ‘there’s no telling where love may appear’. It might take months, years, and many dates. Perhaps you’ll be lucky and find love quicker than you thought. You might find your significant other on a dating website, Facebook, your club or in the supermarket, who knows? In short, there is no one single way to find love. So don’t give up and keep searching!