To some people the word ‘pensioner’ often conjures up an image of a doddery white haired old man or lady who isn’t able to do much beyond a trip to the shops or a short walk in the park. In fact this is an image that on the whole has no bearing on reality, because today’s pensioners are fitter and healthier than they’ve ever been. And, they want to grasp life by the neck and wring every last drop out of it.
We’re living longer thanks to better medical care and being aware of health issues such as the necessity to eat well and look after ourselves by doing exercise. Of course, the people who advise the seniors in their family usually mean go swimming or take up golf.
However, according to an article in the Daily Telegraph, a large percentage of the over 70’s are taking exercise with their partners by having sex! A study carried out by the University of Manchester asked 7,000 people, some over the age of 80 to tell them about their sex lives. They found that 54% of men and 31% of women over the age of 70 still enjoyed sex.

Older couple in bed

If that’s the case, then why is the subject of sex after 70 never spoken about? The Huffington Post contributor, Natasha Hinde asked Tracey Cox, who is a sex and relationship expert.
She told Natasha that the subject is generally treated with distaste because firstly people think about their parents and they don’t want to image them having sex and secondly, because all the images of people taking part in sexual activity that we see on screen on the TV or in films; are young, slim and beautiful, which aren’t traits attributed to the elderly.
In 2011 the popular TV programme Good Morning was subject to a storm of protest when it talked to relationship expert Jo Hemmings about vibrators and sexual positions for the over 60’s. It could have been because the programme was aired during the school holidays, but many of the comments on Twitter referred to the over 60’s couple who were demonstrating the sexual positions.
While younger people may not like the thought of seniors having sexual relations, studies have shown have older people who are sexually active tend to be happier than those seniors that don’t.
Unfortunately for some, this increased activity has also led to a rise in Sexually transmitted diseases and one doctor believes the fault lies with the book Fifty Shades of Grey. In an article last year in the Daily Mail, Dr Charlotte Jones said she thought more people were having ‘adventurous sex due to reading the E.L. James best seller. The problem is that senior couples who don’t know each other that well, aren’t using condoms and the safe sex code needs to be made clear.
So, if you are one of those over 60’s, enjoy what you do, put stay safe!