Registering with an online dating site is an amazing way to make new senior friends. After you’ve contacted each other and chatted online or on the phone, the idea is to finally meet them in real life to move things forward and get to know them better.

Meeting someone for the first time can seem a little daunting or awkward, even though you might already have talked quite a lot on the phone. You may wonder what to do so that you can both enjoy your time, all while feeling comfortable.

Of course, the activity you participate in will depend on where you’re meeting. You won’t do the same things in a little country village that you would do in London. Even so, there are many options for things to do wherever you might be.

To help you make this meeting special and to ensure that you’ll both enjoy this moment together, we’ve made a list of ideas of things to do with your new friend you’ve met online.

1- Explore your city

Whether you’re the guide or they are, (re)exploring the city and playing tourist can be a lot of fun. You can learn and discover new things, enjoy a nice walk all while having the time for a chat. When you’re tired of walking, just stop by a nice coffee shop and continue your conversation over a cup of whatever-you-love-drinking. Don’t forget to immortalise this moment and take amazing pictures with your smartphone or camera!

2- Go to a museum

Classic art gallery, photography exhibition, museum of science or modern art museum – there’s an option to cater to all tastes. You can either go there to enjoy observing and scrutinising each painting like an art critic or, alternatively, to comment on and mock all the art you don’t like! Another option is to simply walk around and have a nice chat about something totally different, before having a warm cup of tea at the cafeteria of the museum.

3- Wine tasting

You both love wine? Instead of having a drink in the usual pub, why not go for a wine tasting? You can learn a bit more about your passion all while having a friendly conversation. It’s the perfect way to get to know each other!

4- Share a meal together

It’s a classic, yes. And it’s not super original, second yes. However, what’s nicer than sharing a meal with a friend? You can eat wonderful food and have a great conversation at the same time, all while enjoying a fine bottle of wine. If you want to make it a little more original, why not try some more exotic, international specialties? We’ve heard that Syrian and Ethiopian foods are amazing.

If you prefer not to be too adventurous when it comes to food, you can opt instead for a restaurant with an original setting. Choose a place with swings instead of chairs, where the floor is covered by sand, or where an opera singer performs while you’re enjoying your meal!

5- Challenge your brain with an escape game

With your friends, you are locked in a room (usually for an hour). Your mission: playing and solving clues to find a way to escape. If you haven’t played this game yet, it’s the ideal moment to give it a try! This is also the perfect opportunity to bond with your new friend.

6- Do something you both like

When searching for an activity to do together, it is worth considering your common interests and passions. For example, if you both love sports, why not watch a football match together?

Consider also your past conversations. Remember when they told you they’d love to explore a little more of London? Voila! A visit to London it is (if it’s financially feasible, of course). They told you that, since their partner left, they’ve felt lonely eating alone every evening? Why not have a nice meal out in a restaurant. Explore your passions together, whether this is music, cinema, hiking or collecting stamps. There are so many things to do.

7- Go on holiday or a weekend together

This might sound a little risky at first. After all, you’ve never met in real life and you can’t be sure that you will actually click with each other.

Well, you’ve talked on the phone, via email, Skype or Facetime, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. meaning you’ve established a good foundation on which to build and you already know quite a lot about each other.

Of course, seeing someone in person is different and some people can feel a little intimidated by the idea. But if you have the impression that you can trust this person and you could spend a pleasant moment in each other’s company, why not be daring and do something you’ll really enjoy such as going on holiday together?

Whether this is with your partners, other friends or both as singles, book those tickets to Rome, Copenhagen, the Maldives or even Iceland. There’s surely a place that you’re both dying to visit. Just make sure that you won’t be sharing the same room. It’s always best to have the option to spend a few moments alone.

8- See a play or a stand up show

If you want to do something a little different than just sharing a meal (but you still want to keep it traditional) you can bring your online friend along to see a play with you. Pick something together before buying the tickets to make sure that you’ll both have a great time.

Another idea is to go to a stand up comedy show instead of a play. Whether in a classic theatre or in a more exuberant club, you’re guaranteed to have some fun.