Now the season is upon us, it’s time to spring clean your garden, get it ready for summer. Here are some of the jobs you should be thinking about doing in April and some ideas for fruit and vegetables.

Garden Maintenance

Weeds love spring and they start to grow in abundance at this time of year. A good method of keeping weeds away from your borders is to remove them by hoeing and then, according to an article in the Daily Express by Alan Titchmarsh cover the top soil with well- rotted compost or bark, which will ensure that the weeds don’t germinate on the surface.
senior working in garden


Crocus UK have a very informative website with lots of tips and advice about pruning trees, shrubs and climbers. They advise that you check your plants for winter damage this month and give them some care and attention.

The lawn

If you want to seed a new lawn or repair patches this month is a good time to get it done, unless the soil is very cold or wet, in that case leave it until the weather gets warmer. Remember to firm and level the soil before sowing.


In the spring you might notice that your pond turns a green colour. This is due to the growth of algae, which is perfectly normal at this time of year. It shouldn’t last for more than two or three weeks, but if it does, put in some plants to oxygenate the water. Don’t forget to divide water lilies once they start to grow and cut back any overcrowded bog plants.

Garden Tools

Check over your tools and make sure you have the essentials like a trowel, hand fork, a hoe, a spade and a large digging fork.


Fern plants are popular in the garden because you can put ferns in shady spots that don’t get a lot of sun, or plant them in a sunny corner. Whatever fern you choose you can be sure it will provide an attractive backdrop to your other plants and flowers. Just make sure you pick the right plant for the soil you have, some tolerate dry conditions whereas others prefer damp soil.


Now is the time to grow strawberries and raspberries. If you have fruit trees put down some compost, taking care not to leave it against the trunks, as it might cause disease. Blackberries will benefit from some high-nitrogen feed.


This month you can plant onions, asparagus and beets, cabbages and spinach, lettuce and carrots. Potatoes are usually planted at the end of April. Make your vegetable garden colourful so that you not only get nutritious vegetables, but they look attractive too.


Put some colour into your garden and help honey bees by planting lilacs, wisteria and lavender, plant the blooms together and watch the honey bees come to feed during the summer months. Calendula plants will help the vegetable garden and wildflower seed mixtures will attract bees and butterflies too.