Cruising is one of the preferred holiday options for seniors in the UK. Even if you haven’t tried one yet, you may have friends who can’t stop praising this style of travelling. On the other hand, maybe you know people who swear that they would never set a foot on a cruise. One of their reasons: they can’t stand the idea of being stuck in the middle of the ocean.

If you are unsure about the whole thing and wonder whether you would enjoy a cruise ship or not, we’ll help you decide by presenting you with our cruising pros and cons.

Why you should go on a cruise

  • You get to visit various locations in one trip, without carrying your heavy luggage with you. It’s perfect for exploring parts of the world you’ve always wanted to see. So, the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic or the Caribbean?
  • It’s easy to meet men and women over 50, as well as people of all ages. You even have companies that specialize in senior traveling. Cruises are ideal for making new friends from all over the world. If you’re single, you might perhaps find a fifty plus date, too!

  • You have access to an extensive range of activities: swimming pool, casino, restaurants, live music, disco, cinema, spas, a gym, and much more. The choice is yours! Cruises also give you the opportunity to learn new things, as you often have access to dance, climbing or computing classes, for instance. You can play cards with your 50 plus friends or just have a relaxing nap if you prefer.
  • Cruises are like floating cities. If you are afraid of being stuck in the middle of nowhere, don’t worry. Some cruises are so huge that they are like mini cities with all of their shops and restaurants. You also have Wi-Fi to contact your family and medical staff on hand just in case. You may sometimes forget that you’re actually in the middle of the ocean!
  • It’s an easy holiday to plan. You don’t need to worry about booking hotels and transport in each location you visit, where to buy groceries or how to rent a car. Transportation and accommodation are already taken care of. You can fully relax. All you need to do is to choose the cruise and the itinerary that suit you best!
  • Cruising is romantic. Why not set sail with your significant other and enjoy the spas, the restaurants with a sea view, watching the sunset and then the stars like two love birds, before going for a dance? Whether this is the beginning of your relationship or something designed to rekindle the spark, cruising is fantastic for lovers. And if you’re travelling solo, you could also meet senior singles looking for love, too!
  • The scenery is amazing. You wake up every morning with a view of the sea. You continue the day surrounded by the same astonishing view. You can have dinner watching the sunset and the last thing you’ll see… is the sea.

Why you should not go on a cruise

  • You don’t have the time to fully explore your destinations. When you stop to visit each destination, you sometimes have just a few hours before you have to get back on board, which hardly allows you time to wander the streets, visit a museum, lay on the beach, and then have a nice glass of wine + a dinner. If you prefer to take your time to visit these locations, it’s probably best to go on your own.
  • You get seasick every time you set foot on a boat. Bear in mind that there are medications to help you with this.
  • You don’t feel comfortable in a crowd. With thousands of people on board and so many activities to partake in, relaxing can be rather difficult. If you’re looking for a peaceful and more intimate holiday, cruises might not be for you. However, you can alway opt for a smaller cruise that would be more suited to your needs.
  • Cruise holidays can be pretty expensive, although you may be offered senior discounts.
  • The colossal cruise ships use as much fuel as entire towns, even when they are docked. If you are longing for some fresh air, a cruise may not be the best choice.
  • The cities you visit may be packed with your fellow travellers. When the ship stops to visit a location, so do hundreds (or thousands) of other passengers. The streets and the cafés become overcrowded, especially in small villages like the fishing towns of the Cinque Terre in Italy, which, unfortunately, can make the visit difficult, as well as cause it to lose its charm a little. Obviously, this only depends on the cruise you’re choosing and the destinations you’re visiting.

So, now that you know the pros and cons of a cruise holiday, will you let yourself be tempted?