When you are over 50, going on a first date might seem like a distant memory. Or maybe you have met several mature women but nothing really worked out. Whatever your situation is, dating can be stressful. And now that you’ve found a potential match, you want to make the best of this first opportunity to get to know each other. Don’t worry, you can handle the situation very well if you prepare yourself for the big day. Who knows, you might meet someone who will be special to you…

Find a place where you feel comfortable

The best place to meet is the place where you feel most comfortable. There is no need to go to a fancy restaurant for the first date, particularly if this kind of place makes you feel nervous and ill-at-ease. Instead, go to a coffee shop you like or to a cozy bar. Opt for a quiet and charming spot where you can talk with confidence. A concert bar is a nice idea but you might not hear each other. If you prefer, you can also go on a nice stroll or visit a museum.

A man and a woman over 50

Think about what you are going to talk about

Before your first date prepare a list of things to talk about. It’s a good way to avoid gaps in the conversation, as well as topics that could offend her. Past relationships, ex-wives, money, politics and religion are some themes you are advised to avoid. Also, don’t discuss your family problems and issues you might have with your boss as she could quickly get bored of hearing stories about people she doesn’t know. It’s about you and her, so forget the others for now. Instead, talk about your hobbies, your job, the films and books you like, the countries you’ve visited… Incidentally, a good way to know what to talk about is to check her online dating profile beforehand.

Dress accordingly

The dressing part is important as it’s the first thing she will notice. The best clothes are the ones you feel comfortable in and those which suit your personality. Choose an outfit that will show you at your best. Obviously, depending on the place you meet and the activity you are going to do for your first date, dress accordingly: be more elegant if you meet in a fancy restaurant, be casual (and elegant) if you go for a coffee, wear comfortable shoes if you go on a walk in the park.
Also, pay attention to your hair and your beard: why not go to the hairdresser to get a nice new look for the occasion? Last things to do: check that your breath is minty fresh and your nails are clean, and then you are ready to go!

Listen to her

Communication is the basis of a good relationship. Waffling on and on about yourself could leave her bored or even annoyed. Ask her questions about her life and her passions and pay attention to her words. Be interested and react to what she says. She will be appreciative and feel more confident, knowing that she can talk and share things about her life with you.

Don’t forget your body language

Body language says a lot about your personality and your feelings too, so you should pay attention to it. Crossing your arms could make you look like you are on the defensive or not interested in her. Avoiding her look or keeping your hands under the table might tell her you’re hiding something or that you don’t feel at ease. On the other hand, maintaining eye contact (without staring), leaning towards her and a genuine smile will make you look dynamic, enthusiastic and happy to be there.

Smile and be positive

The key success for a first date over 50 is to communicate positive things about you, to show that you are confident, energized and willing to start a relationship. As you may know, a smile is communicative, so go for it! Concerning conversation, it’s better to talk about your passions and the things that you’re happy with in your life. Remember that complaining and being cynical are a definite no-no for a first date!

Have fun

A first senior date is also about having fun. It’s not a job interview! Feel free to smile, laugh and tell jokes. She is more likely to be willing to see you again if she has a good time with you. And even if eventually you don’t match, you would have spent a pleasant moment together anyway. So be yourself, relax and enjoy!