More and more people today are single in their sixties. This could be the result of a divorce, because they’re a widow(er) or because they just haven’t found the right person for them yet. The thing is that plenty of seniors start a new relationship in their fifties or later. Many of them fall in love again, some even get married!

Can I start a new life after 60?

In 2012 to 2014, the average national life expectancy in the UK for men aged 65 was 84 and for women, 86. Therefore, there are still many years to enjoy life and love once you reach the age of 60!

Unfortunately, finding love after 60 might seem more complicated than it was in your youth. This could, for instance, be because there are very few singles amongst your relatives.

However, over the past few decades the number of divorces has increased, and so has the amount of men and women who find love again after a long-term relationship. Many of them want a change in their life and to find a partner they can share their days with. This can be you!

Although deciding to make a brand new start in your love life is great, it’s best to be certain that you are fully over your ex-husband or partner first. If you want to start a new relationship, don’t look for someone exactly like him/her. Your ex-relationship might have had many good sides but there are reasons this story came to an end. Best to try to avoid making the same mistakes again. Leave your emotional baggage behind and move on!

Can I be loved at my age?

This is a common question for post-divorcees. Additionally, ‘Will someone find me attractive again?’ and ‘Can someone love my body at my age?’ are things we might ask ourselves when a relationship ends after 60. However, keep in mind that you are not the only one in this situation: many men and women like you are sharing the exact same worries.

So, of course, you can be loved at your age but maybe you’ll have to learn to love yourself first. To help rekindle that lost self-esteem, why not treat yourself by going to a spa, doing a bit of traveling, having a new haircut or enjoying a bit of retail therapy? It’s up to you!

Where and how to find love

Whereas starting a new relationship is indeed possible after 60, you’ll have to make it happen yourself. Love doesn’t grow on trees! You need to be proactive and have a positive attitude. You won’t fall in love if you stay in front of your TV, you need to get out in the world!

Start a conversation with people sitting next to you in a coffee shop. Tell your friends you’re single, they might know someone right for you! Smile at people and take care of your appearance. Be patient and give men or women a chance. Don’t give up on them after just one date, as they might turn out to be much more interesting than you originally thought!

Furthermore, in today’s world, meeting people is much easier than it was before. With the internet, dating people is a piece of cake!

Also, as dating at your age is far from being uncommon, there are plenty of places to find a date and many events are organized especially for those over fifty. Cruises, dinners, games nights, dances, speed dating: the list is long. There are also holiday clubs devoted to those over a certain age. It’s a fact that baby boomers have plenty of time to enjoy life and they are certainly very active in love.

Marrying after 60

You might know someone who decided to get married after 60, whether they were together for several decades or just for a few years. If you don’t know anyone personally, think of celebs like Paul McCartney, Harrison Ford or Barbra Streisand who got married in their fifties, sixties or sometimes even later.

In fact, according to the Guardian, the marriage rate has gone up for people in their sixties. The number of women getting hitched in their late sixties increased by 21% in 2011-2012. For men, this went up by 25%. This is partly attributable to the fact that marriage helps to cut costs such as inheritance tax. Additionally, we live longer and healthier than before. Another reason to fall in love again!