If you’re fed up with being on your own and don’t want to be alone on Valentines, it’s time to get proactive, get yourself off the sofa and out into the dating world. Here’s just a few things you can do to meet someone whether you’re looking for love or just fun and companionship.

Join a Dating Site

Yes, there are a good range of dating sites online now. If you are over fifty and don’t fancy the thought of trawling through a list of people who are too young, there are site’s that are appropriate to your age. If you do arrange to meet someone, just make sure you meet in a public place and you tell a friend where you’ll be.

Don't want to be alone en valentines day

Try Speed Dating

Speed dating gives you around 3 to 5 minutes of conversation with around 15 people, so you can quickly discover the people you really don’t gel with and get to know the one’s you do like better after the event, when you get the chance to review your dates from the comfort of your computer at home.

Join a Book Club

If you love reading, join your local club and then you’ll meeting people who have a least one interest that’s the same as yours. Your local library might have information or if not, google book clubs, plus where you live.

Work for a large Company

It’s a bit drastic, but you can always change you job and find yourself a large company, where there’s loads more people to get to know, pick one with a staff restaurant and plenty of  after work  social activities.

Do an Adult Education course

Learn a new language, take up carpentry, dance flamenco or cook exotic food. Courses normally start in September, with short courses throughout the year. Get the details from your library or the town hall.

Join a Walking or Rambling Club

Meet new people and get fit. There are usually walks at different levels, so you don’t need to have experience to join. Google walking or rambling clubs and your area and browse through the results, you can always give more than one club a try and pick the one you like best. Alternatively have a look at the Rambling club website for ideas and membership details.

Go on a singles holiday

A great way to meet people and not miss out on a trip abroad. Singles holidays are available at both summer and winter resorts and include city breaks and beach getaways. Have a look at the Solos website, it was one of the first to offer breaks for singles.

Go on a blind date

Are your friends always hinting that you’d be a perfect match for someone they work with? Well, get them to arrange a blind date, it might be old fashioned, but it could just introduce you to the person you’ve been waiting for…
It is a scary prospect looking for love again, especially if you have been on your own for a while. Just remember the people you meet are just as nervous as you are. Smile, keep an open mind and above all enjoy yourself!