Dating is not only reserved for the young. A lot of mature people date too. Along with the large number of divorces and the fact that we are living longer, many people start dating again in their 60s, whether they are looking for a serious relationship or not. However, finding other 60+ singles is far from a piece of cake. On top of that, as older singles are nearly invisible in the media and this kind of topic is rarely discussed (despite the fact that older people are more and more represented on TV or in cinema), many are unsure about what dating in your sixties is actually like.

Who are the singles over 60?

Today, many people become single after 60, whether this is the result of a divorce, a separation or the tragic loss of their partner. The large number of dating websites dedicated to those over 50 or 60 is testament to this.

Most of these mature singles are looking for a serious relationship, not just a brief fling. They want to find a loving and trustworthy companion to have fun and sex with. Moreover, although, in general, people over sixty aren’t necessarily looking for marriage, some of them do decide to make it to the altar.

Finding a partner after 60 is about having new adventures and experiences. Entering a new union is not about starting a family anymore. Rather it is about being with a caring companion who loves you as you are and wants to enjoy life with you, whether this is simply to share a meal, to go to the theatre or to travel around the world together. On top of that, we are living much longer lives today than our predecessors. There is plenty of time to enjoy all sorts of new things!

What’s different about dating in your 60s?

Firstly, your body is not quite the same as it was when you were in your 20s (which was perhaps the last time you were dating). Now you’ve got wrinkles and your waistband may have stretched a little too. However, there is no need to worry about that. The singles you’re dating are in the same position as you!

Also, certain dating habits have changed, even though many things remain the same as they were a few decades ago. Today, more and more people use dating websites to find a date, while blind dates tend to be a bit old fashioned. However, the traditional “dinner date” is still quite popular amongst older people, whereas their younger counterparts prefer having drinks with their dates.

Additionally, you may have some insecurities and doubts, whether this is in regards to your appearance or simply because you haven’t dated for a while. You may not be certain of how to proceed. Perhaps you’re asking yourself many questions, just like when you were in your 20s.

However, what’s changed since you were in your twenties is that, now, you’ve got experience. Some may call it baggage, but the thing is that your past relationships will also have taught you many important lessons. You’ve gained maturity and you’ve got some practice with relationships. You also know yourself better.

That being said, you could still repeat the same mistakes with your new partner. You could be choosing the same type of person again and again, even though this habit always leads to failed relationships. That’s why it’s important that you take the time to heal before starting something serious. Talking to a therapist or your friends could help equip you with the necessary tools to build a strong relationship.

Are all the good ones already in a relationship?

Although, as mentioned above, there are many people looking for a relationship, finding them is tough. You’ve probably noticed it yourself if you are single and searching for love. In fact, not only are the majority of people in your surrounding area already involved in a relationship, but interesting singles over 60 seem to be particularly few and far between. So, where can they be found?

Well, you can find them on dating websites. Opt for a site that is dedicated especially to those of your age and looking for a serious relationship, if this is what you are looking for. Another idea that works is to ask your friends and family to introduce you to their single friends. Even though there is no miracle answer and you can’t be certain that the person is going to be a good match, you can trust your close relatives to know you pretty well. They may be in a good position to find someone who could interest you.

Also, it seems obvious, but getting out of the house is essential if you want to meet your significant other. If this is not the case yet, start being active by volunteering or taking classes involving anything that interests you. Join clubs, say yes to invitations, go on senior cruises. In short, go out and enjoy your life!