Can you change after 50? The short answer is of course, yes. Being 50 nowadays isn’t considered old at all, but you might find that after all these years, you have got yourself stuck in a rut.
When you reach this milestone you’ve been at work for what seems like forever, your kids are mostly grown up and you’ve probably got into a bit of a routine.
The good news is, it’s easy to make many of the changes that can lead you to feel more confident and contented at this stage of your life.


Less is more. Look after your skin, keep it well hydrated and stick to a simple make-up routine. Throw away the colours you have been using for the last 20 years and experiment with some new ones. Don’t go overboard with the eye liner and pick new eye colours that enhance your eyes. Use a good eyebrow pencil and concealer for dark circles.

Portrait of a woman over 50 years


If you’ve got a hairstyle that takes a lot of work, maybe now is the time to talk to your hairdressers about a new style that’s easier to manage. Don’t cut long hair just because some people think the over 50’s shouldn’t have long tresses. With a good colour and some cleverly placed highlights, long hair can look fabulous at any age. If you’ve decided to stop dying your hair then embrace the grey and have a new hairstyle that’s shows off your face and your new colour.


Keep away from minis and very high shoes. Fitted clothes will be better than anything baggy, no matter how fashionable. You can be brave with colours, but avoid big prints and wear trousers or jeans with heels or loafers for a classic look. If you have a thick waist use a thin belt to accentuate your waist. Good tailoring is the most important thing at this age.


Cut out as much sugar as you can and eat more green leafy vegetables which are good for bone strength. Nuts too help osteoporosis and a few walnuts can also lower your cholesterol. Green tea contains Polyphenols, which fight disease and fish twice a week will help to lower blood pressure and keep your heart healthy.


Exercise once you reach fifty and beyond is really important. To keep bones strong and your body supple. You don’t need to run a marathon (but you can if you want to) walking, swimming and cycling are all good exercises.


It can be a frightening time to change, but if you are really fed up where you are, there are still companies that value experience over youth. You could also retrain and take up a totally new venture, or work from home as a freelance.


By now you will have a group of treasured friends. Make time to see them, if only for a quick chat over a coffee. If there are people in your life that are negative and you don’t look forward to spending time with them, then don’t. Life is much too short to waste on negative people. If you can’t quite cut them out of your life, make sure you only see them with a group of friends and then you’re sharing the load!


If your children have left home, now is the time to renew the passion with your partner. If you don’t have one and you’re looking for fun or love, then try a dating site. Make a profile that’s enthusiastic and friendly and give internet dating a try.