When you are over 50, finding other singles is far from being a piece of cake. However, going out and knowing where to meet other people of your age can be a great help. Here are 9 of the best places to find a date over 50.

Online dating

You’ll find all sorts of men and women on the internet. One of them might be a match! Signing up to a dating website is really easy and some of them are exclusively for people over 50, such as 2seniors.co.uk. Online dating is a popular and quick way to find other singles. From the comfort of your own home, you pick the profiles that catch your attention, you chat with them for a little while and then you date to see if the sparkle is there!

Woman over 50 on holiday


You want to be useful and helpful? Why not join an organization and do a little volunteering? In fact, many retirees enjoy the opportunity to lend a hand to people in need. Help to build a school or a home for those who don’t have a shelter, look after animals that have been abandoned or tutor and read stories to kids in hospital. You could also volunteer abroad or participate in a music or food festival. There is so much you can do! Aside from helping people and doing something worthwhile, you might meet someone precious with a big heart.

Speed dating events

If you haven’t tried it yet, it might be the time. Speed dating is an exciting way to meet several potential matches in a short amount of time (often around 10 minutes). It can be a little bit stressful the first time, but it is usually a lot of fun! Speed dating events are generally grouped by age and you’ll have to register first to participate. You can even partake in an online speed dating session directly from your computer via video call!

Cruises or holiday resorts

Do you, like many seniors, enjoy travelling? Going on a cruise is a popular choice for retirees, and thus you’ll have a good chance of meeting people of the same age. You can also choose to stay in a holiday resort. You’ll surely find lots of other singles! Besides, some resorts and cruises cater only to solo travelers.

In class

You’ve always wanted to learn Italian, or to join a salsa or art class, but you never took the time to do so? If you want to find love, you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone and be proactive. Taking classes doesn’t only help you to discover new talents, it’s also a great way to meet interesting people who share the same interests.

Events organized for seniors

Many events are organized for the over 50s. If you are a party animal, put your gladrags on and go boogie in a night club dedicated to those of your age. If you don’t feel like dancing tonight, bingo or game nights are also a great way to spend time with other people… and find a  date!

The market

As you’ve certainly noticed, buying your fresh vegetables, meat and dairy products at the market Is much more pleasant than pushing a wobbly-wheeled trolley around a crowded supermarket. You can take the time to talk to the stall holders or to the customers shopping next to you. Also, you feel more relaxed, and with a smile on your face you’ll have a better chance of meeting someone nice!

Senior group activities

If you have a hobby, why not share it with other people? Community centers offer activities of every kind such as gardening, crafting, fishing, painting or even blogging. If you like running or walking, stop doing it alone and join a group that organizes this sort of activity every week or so. You never know, amongst all the people you’ll meet you might well find a date!

Dog parks

If you have a dog you’re probably aware that you often interact more with others when you take him for a walk. With that in mind, why not stop by the dog park more regularly. You might meet someone interesting! Here are a couple of handy icebreakers: say how cute his or her pet is or ask for a vet recommendation.