Today, many people find their special one on a dating website. Besides, you probably have one or two friends who met their partner on the internet. Maybe they even advised you (or inspired you) to do the same. Before starting to look for potential matches, learn some tips on how to succeed at online dating.

Pick a dating website that suits you best

You might have noticed it when you typed “online dating” on Google: there are plenty of different dating websites. You’ll discover some which cater to those with children, to older people, to gay people or to those of specific faiths. They could be free or paid subscription sites. Think about what you are looking for and select the one that suits you best. For instance, is an online dating website dedicated to men and women over the age of 50 who are searching for someone special.

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Describe yourself briefly

Your personal profile is your biography. It describes succinctly who you are, your age, your interest and hobbies as well as the kind of relationship you are looking for. Completing your profile is important; it is a bit like your front door. Be as honest as possible but at the same time try to sell yourself. Your potential partners will decide at a glance if they are interested or not. In summary, it’s best to be concise and intriguing in order to make people want to know more about you!

Choose the right pseudo

Don’t choose your full name as it’s dangerous to give out your personal details online. Instead, opt for your first name or your middle name. If another person is registered under the same name, the popular alternative is to add a number at the beginning or the end of the pseudo. Why not be creative and choose something entirely different!

Add the best picture of you

Your choice of profile picture is important as this is the first thing that attracts attention. Indeed, we tend to click less on profiles with no photos at all. Thus, choose carefully and pick one that you like and that shows you at your best. Be honest and don’t use a picture from 10 years ago! It could be quite embarrassing once you start to meet potential matches. You’ve been searching everywhere but can’t find any good pictures? Get all dressed up and make the effort to take one really good shot of yourself.

Don’t waste time with people who don’t correspond to your demands

Now that your profile is online, it’s time to look for potential partners. First, wait a second and think about who you’d like to meet and what is not acceptable to you. For example, don’t waste your time talking to someone who can’t stand travelling, if this is your passion. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, you should take extra care selecting the people you’re going to chat with online. Don’t be too judgmental though, as looking for a date is not like making a shopping list! Of course, you can’t know everything about a person if you’ve just read their online profile. If you think they’re a potential match, the next step is a good long chat!

Take time to polish the first message

You think his or her profile is intriguing and you’d like to know a bit more about them? It’s time to write your first message! Think of your “rivals”: other people might have found this profile interesting too. To avoid your message getting lost amongst the others, think about what you’re going to say first. For instance, trying to be too funny or too familiar might reduce your chances. Instead, be yourself; simple, honest and friendly!

Be positive

In your profile, as in the messages you write to your prospective match, use positive words like good, great or happy. Being enthusiastic is much more attractive than being negative and sarcastic. This principle also applies to dates!

Date several matches

After chatting online, it’s time to meet potential partners in real life! You might be lucky and find the right one on your first date, but keep in mind that this is rare. You’ll probably have to date several people but that’s not a bad thing! On the contrary, it’s best to date different prospective matches to stand the best chance of finally meeting your special one. Remember to be safe and meet in a public place. Telling a friend where you’re going is also a good idea.

Don’t give out your personal details to anyone

We can never be too careful on the internet: don’t give your full name, address, bank details or any personal information to anyone! Only do that once you’ve got to know them better (except for the bank details of course!). Also, don’t send money to anyone if they ask, it may well be a scam!