At every stage of life, feeling beautiful is important for confidence and a sense of well-being. Throughout the years your skin has changed, just like you. To keep your skin gorgeous when you are over 50, you need more than ever to stick to the right routine and products. Whether you want to look the best for a date, for your partner or simply for you, why not check out the following beauty tips.

Protect your skin from the sun

The most important thing to remember is to take care and protect your skin as much as you can. Therefore, it’s vital that you avoid exposure to the sun when its rays are at their strongest. Wear sunscreen with high SPF (at least 40) as often as possible, particularly on your face, and even when it’s raining. This is a great help to prevent wrinkles and brown spots on your skin. Very important: don’t forget to wear a hat and sunglasses when you go out in the middle of a sunny day.

Have a good night’s sleep

Skin cells regenerate faster during the night. It’s the best time to treat your skin! A lack of sleep can make your skin mature quicker, give you dark circles and a bad complexion. So try as hard as you can to have a good night’s sleep. If you find this difficult, you might need to ask your doctor’s advice.

Hydrate and eat well

Drinking lots of water is one of the best ways to keep your skin beautiful and well-hydrated. Your diet is important too. Keep in mind that an unbalanced and fatty diet will have a terrible effect on your skin. A varied diet with vegetables and fruits is necessary to get the right nutrients needed to be in good shape and looking gorgeous!

Moisturize your skin everyday

Apply a cream twice a day (or more!) that is formulated to your skin type, one for the morning and another before going to bed. Making a little visit to a dermatologist can help you know which is the best cream for your skin type. Hyaluronic acid serum is also a great ally for women over 50. Apply it to your skin before administering an anti-aging moisturizer. You can also add a retinol cream before going to sleep: it’s perfect for reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Exfoliate your skin once a week

Exfoliating your face and body once a week will help you to have fresher-looking skin. While in the shower (or if you prefer, at your bathroom sink) apply your facial scrub to get smooth and glowing skin. Don’t forget to moisturize yourself after!

Always remove your makeup before going to bed

As mentioned above, skin cell regeneration is faster during the night. For this reason, always remove your makeup before sleeping, as you could get wrinkles and make your skin age quicker. Never skip this step, even if you feel tired and lazy! The best night routine is to use cleansing oils and anti-aging cleansers and then apply a night cream that will moisturize your skin whilst you sleep.

Opt for a light makeup

When you are a woman over 50, less is more when it comes to makeup. Go light on the foundation, lipstick and cream blush, as too much on your face could do more harm than good! Opt instead for highlighter pens and tinted moisturizers. In winter you can use a creamy foundation that will moisturize your skin at the same time. You’ll find products that are specially made for mature skin types in pharmacies and cosmetics shops. Another tip to look gorgeous is to apply foundation with makeup brushes and sponges. This helps the makeup to spread evenly and uses less product, all of which makes your skin look perfect!

Get rid of your dark circles

If you are one of the many women who find it hard to avoid dark circles, using an under-eye cream before going to bed as well as in the morning is key. Opt for a rich one for the night and a lighter one during the day. In addition, apply a corrector to cover the dark circles and then a concealer, always before (and never after!) adding foundation.