There’s nothing nicer than sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee and getting your head stuck into a magazine. The problem is as you get older, you don’t want to read about bringing up babies and buying your first home, you’ve done that!
Here are some magazines for women that are aimed at the over 50s market that you might find interesting:


Yours is a health and lifestyle magazine aimed at the over 50s. It contains advice about money matters, and relationships, holiday review, crafts and gardening and cookery and fashion. There is always a celebrity interview and competitions to enter. You can buy Yours in newsagents and supermarkets or you can subscribe and have it delivered to your door.

yours for mature woman

My Weekly

My weekly is a mixture of fiction and articles about health, cookery, travel and gardening. As well as celebrity interviews, book reviews and fashion and beauty. You can subscribe to the digital addition and read it online, or you can have it delivered or buy it from your newsagent or supermarket.


Choice is described as a magazine for the over 50s. It’s a thick, glossy magazine that comes out once a month. It includes information about pensions and savings, health and travel, as well as celebrity interviews, cookery, gardening, nostalgia and an ask the experts section.

Woman’s Weekly

Woman’s weekly is a magazine aimed at  mature women. It features a lot of art, crafts, as well as knitting patterns, but it also has articles on dating, travel, health, cookery and celebrities. You can subscribe to have it delivered, buy it from your supermarket or newsagent or, pay get the digital addition online.


Saga Magazine for 50s and over and it has more than 500,000 readers. They have a website where you can read some features and articles online, or you can subscribe to receive the magazine through your door, which means you get to read the whole publication, rather than online snippets. They cover insurance, money, holidays, gardening, cookery, celebrity and diet, dating and family.

People’s Friend

People’s Friend magazine is for those woman who enjoy stories. It has around six stories, sometimes in serial form as well as articles about art and crafts, cookery, gardening, travel and finance. You can buy people’s friend in your newsagents or supermarket, or you can subscribe to get 51 issues a year.

Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest is aimed at men and women. It contains articles about women’s fashion and beauty, cookery, home and garden, travel, health and entertainment. It also has a section where you can send in your stories and read interesting articles about all sorts of subjects. You can get the Reader’s Digest by subscription, online or at your supermarket or a newsagent such as WH Smiths.

50 Plus Magazine

This is a magazine that’s localised to provide information about your area. A typical issue has an interview with someone famous, articles about cooking and gardening and a travel review. You can read it online, or subscribe to get it through the post.

Retirement Today

Retirement Today says it is for pre and post retirement. It is available on subscription, although you can see what will be in the latest issue online. It features cookery, book reviews, informative articles about health and finances, travel and competitions.

The Oldie

The Oldie magazine is aimed at the mature reader, but as it says there’s no advice about pensions or growing old, it’s all about keeping young, without being obsessed with celebrity and youth. It’s a magazine for men and women who want to read engaging articles full of wit and humour. It has book reviews, articles on gardening, wine, sports and motoring with a number of features and plenty of regulars. You can buy the Oldie or you can subscribe and have it delivered to your door.

Silver Surfers

Silver Surfers is an online magazine aimed at the over 50s. It contains articles about health, travel, cookery, finance, technology, culture and property. You can join the silversurfers forum to chat, give your opinion and take part in polls or take part in the theatre or book club. The website is colourful and easy to navigate.