If, in your early 40s or 50s, you begin to feel a bit bored or nostalgic, you might be experiencing what we call a midlife crisis. Perhaps it is in fact your partner, not you, who is starting to act a little differently than usual. A midlife crisis is not only about buying a new sports car, dating younger women or getting Botox. In most cases, it’s more complicated than that. Here are a few signs that can help you to recognize its arrival.

1. You want to change your appearance

Desire to lose weight, get Botox, hair transplants or plastic surgery? Whether this is to look younger, to feel attractive or to resemble more closely the person you feel you really are deep down, a strong desire to change one’s appearance is a potential sign of a midlife crisis.

2. Having a healthier life is one of your top objectives

While this can pop up at any stage in life, the desire to live more healthily or to make a sudden change of lifestyle can become particularly intense once we reach middle age. Eating better and doing sport are not only about losing weight and taking care of your appearance. They also help us to feel better in body and mind, which in turn, allows us to enjoy life as much as possible.

3. You need a change in your life

Have you ever thought about quitting your job to do something completely different, like opening a restaurant or a B&B in another country? Once we reach a certain age, we may find ourselves reflecting on what we have accomplished in our lives. Some of us may be left unsatisfied and feel like we need to make a big change. We may feel like we are wasting our time and that we could instead be doing something that corresponds more to our interests. Some of us will simply compare ourselves with successful friends, family members or colleagues, while others will take the more extreme route of changing career entirely.

4. You feel more bored than before

Moreover, you lost interest in things that you used to love. In fact, you feel like you need to start a new project or to have a new hobby. At a certain age, you might be tired of the same old routine. You may want to experience something completely different. Something that makes you feel excited about life again. Some deal with this feeling by buying new and expensive things. Instead, why not try to learn a new language, take music lessons or attend painting classes?

5. You need to go on an adventure

Do extreme sports suddenly hold a new appeal for you? Does driving faster, climbing the Himalayas, bungee jumping, skydiving or paragliding all of a sudden look like a great deal of fun? Feeling danger and doing something completely different is, for some people over 40, an entertaining way of feeling fully alive and young again.

6. You want to meet new people or even have an affair

You might feel that every day looks the same. Maybe you’re even tired of your old friends and partner. You crave for something new and a more passionate affair with a total stranger? You may find yourself wanting to make new friends and date other people in order to survive this difficult period.

7. You feel down, even depressed

Midlife crisis can also be accompanied by depression. Sometimes family, partners, friends, as well as some activities, can be put aside during this period. Feelings of sadness, nostalgia, pessimism, sleep issues, a loss of appetite or eating more than usual are some of the possible symptoms of depression.

8. Thinking of your youth makes you feel nostalgic

You’ve been looking for hours at the Facebook profiles of your friends from school or the old photo album of your childhood? Feeling nostalgic about your youth and how great this time was are very common during a midlife crisis.

9.You’re feeling stressed about the future

What if I don’t have enough money for when I retire? What if I had done that instead of this? “What if” is a question that people in their forties or fifties frequently ask themselves. Furthermore, health issues (yours, as well as your relatives) can make you feel even more stressed. Relax!

10. You ask yourself far more questions than usual

Recently, you’ve spent a lot of time questioning your faith, beliefs and values? Once you reach middle age, you might feel like you don’t recognize yourself or that you are not the same person as you were before. In short, you don’t know who you are anymore. Wondering whether or not there is a god, despite being a fervent believer before, can be a sign that you’re experiencing a midlife crisis.