Advice When Dating with 2seniors: don't give up!

Deciding to sign up to an online dating site is a big step forward – very quickly, you will enjoy a more varied and fulfilling social life. But patience and perseverance are needed when relationships are taking their time to materialise. If you use our website, here are some advice when dating with 2seniors.

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Take the first step

Contrary to appearances, it's not always easy to meet other people on the internet, and a computer doesn’t always make all shyness disappear. It could be some time before you decide to take the first step. It will cost you nothing and, whatever happens, it's better to a fail a few times than to miss out on a wonderful opportunity! And if sometimes it takes time to find the right person, your patience will be your best weapon – you'll end up finding someone who matches what you're looking for.

Stay active and persevere

Exchanging a few messages on the site is really only the first step. Before you meet the other person, you might need to chat for weeks or even months with him or her. You will need to stay active, logging on – as often as you can – to read the messages arriving in your personal mailbox. And whenever you get the chance, don't hesitate to send a little message to your various friends. By stoking your complicity on a regular basis, it can only grow in time.

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