Top Tips to get more views on your 50+ single profile

Finally, you’ve registered with a dating website! You’ve made a fantastic decision to meet other senior singles who are also looking for love or friendship. To improve your chances of getting more messages from other members, and in doing so, also increase your chances of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right, you need to pay particular attention to your profile, whether this means your picture, biography or your pseudonym.
As there are thousands of other profiles out there, yours need to stand out! Here are our best tips to help you get more views on your 50+ single profile, thereby maximising your odds of finding the one.

1. Add a great picture of yourself

The first thing that other users will look at is your dating profile picture. It only takes a few seconds for people to decide whether to click on a profile or not. Therefore, a good picture is vital when it comes to grabbing their attention. Besides, profiles with pictures get far more views than those without. Accordingly, you need to make a real effort when taking your profile picture and ensure that you take the time to choose the perfect one.

How to set up a senior dating profile that will get you more views

To improve your chances of getting more views, choose a recent and high-quality picture that shows you at your best. Avoid those that were taken more than three years ago, even though you were looking gorgeous at the time. There is no point selecting a picture that doesn’t represent who you are today.
Moreover, it seems that men and women who look active in their pictures have more success. Don’t hesitate to kill two birds with one stone by opting for a photo of yourself doing something that you like, for instance, playing the guitar or sailing. Additionally, people tend to prefer pictures showing off your lovely big smile, than those where you're striking a sexy pose.
Last but not least, it’s best to avoid those snaps where you’re surrounded by your friends or family. Unless you’re adding several photos of yourself on the dating website, you should be the only one portrayed in the picture.

2. Be unique

If you want to stand out, don’t say what everyone says. Avoid ‘I enjoy watching sunsets and listening to music’. Everyone does. Also, forget about lists of films or favourite destinations. They don’t really demonstrate who you really are. Additionally, try to be specific. Instead of saying that you love music, talk about the bands and singers you particularly cherish.

3. Short is better

Just as with your profile picture, make sure that you take some time to write your personal ad. This is your opportunity to describe, in a few words, who you are. Polishing those fascinating first lines is particularly important, as this is what your potential matches will read first.
It’s essential that you talk mostly about you, and less about your idea of the perfect match. The mature singles of the dating site want to know who you are in order to decide whether they will send you a message or not. Important things to include are your first name, where you live, a few of your personality traits, your interests and the kind of relationship that you are searching for. However, no matter how much you have to say, try to keep it relatively short. This is not your autobiography, more like a short glimpse into who you are. Also, don’t make a long list that describes the person you’re looking for, otherwise this may sound too much like a shopping list.

4. Be positive

No need to mention failed past experiences. Try not to be too cynical either and do your best to avoid negative sentences in your profile such as “I hate sports” or “Don’t contact me if you’re a coward”. Men and women over 50 might perceive this kind of wording as a sign of aggressiveness, closed-mindedness or arrogance. Opt instead for a more positive tone and optimistic sentences. Being passionate, happy and open-minded is much more likely to get you attention and messages.

5. Keep it up to date

Change your profile picture from time to time. This is a wonderful way to increase your chances of getting more views, as the members who didn’t click on your profile before might do so after seeing the new picture. If you can’t find any particularly great photos of yourself, ask your friends or family to take a few new shots.

6. Ask a friend to read through your profile

The grammar and punctuation of your online profile must be perfect. As anyone can make mistakes, it’s best to ask a reliable friend to check your text before you publish it. You can also ask them what they think of your profile. You don’t have to follow their advice, but it’s always beneficial to get a second opinion. Additionally, they might know you better than you do yourself.

7. Be funny

It’s great to say in your profile that you are a funny person. However, showing is always better than telling. Whether you display your fun personality by adding a profile picture with a cheeky grin or by working some jokes into your biography, humour can be incredibly attractive. We all are suckers for a good sense of humour, aren’t we?
You’re trying to be funny, but you’re not sure that you’re doing it right? It’s okay, don’t force yourself. Instead, you can highlight some other amazing features of your personality, such as kindness or optimism. Just be yourself!

8. Choose the right pseudonym

In addition to your profile picture and the first lines of your ad, your pseudonym or username must be chosen wisely. Your pseudo can make you sound either funny, romantic, eccentric, smart or square. So, take the time to create a good one.
The ideal username is simple and easy to remember. It should be you, meaning this should represent a nice side of your personality. You can use your first name, but avoid adding numbers as this is not very original. Why not mix your name up with one of your passions, or use the name of a character from your favourite book?


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