How to recognise a good 50+ match online

With the huge number of profiles that exist in the online dating world, it’s easy to feel lost. Apart from how they look in their picture, what criteria would make you opt for Paul56 over VelvetGentleman? Knowing which one would make a good 50+ match for you is not exactly a piece of cake.
You’ll probably click on many profiles that won’t fit your criteria. Maybe you’ll even meet up with some users who won’t be be your cup of tea at all. All things considered, there is a good chance that you'll have to kiss a lot of frogs before finding your prince.Although it’s only really when you finally meet the person face-to-face, during a first date, that you’ll be able to truly know whether they’re a good match or not, there are, nonetheless, certain indicators to look out for:

50+ dating: how to know it's a match

1. Their online profile grabs you

Their online profile has something more than the other profiles. It’s not really because their career seems interesting or their interests are similar to yours. No, it’s a general impression. Perhaps thanks to the tone or the words that they’re using in their profile, you’ve perceived a personality that could attract you.

2. You find them attractive

The dating profile picture is generally the first thing that grabs our attention. This element will usually determine whether someone will click on a profile or not. You find them attractive? That’s the first step. Of course, this doesn’t tell you anything about their personality or whether they could be a match. Also, bear in mind that with a good photographer and Photoshop, everyone can look gorgeous.
However, it’s not only a question of beauty. On their picture, they could radiate something that you like. You could feel attracted to their picture because they look kind, funny or smart.

3. They’re looking for the same thing

It’s the first thing you should look for. To help you find your perfect match online, you should aim for someone who is at the same point in their life and want the same things as you. Find out in their profile if they are searching for just a fling or a long-term relationship. Although some people are very clear in their profile about the type of relationship they’re looking for, it’s not the case for everyone. Why not initiate the conversation and ask?
If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, it’s best to register with a website dedicated to people looking for a committed relationship. It will avoid you wasting your time on men or women who don’t correspond to your search.

4. They’ve piqued your curiosity

After reading their profile or chatting with them a little, you want to know more about them? When you do online dating, you quickly realise that many people say the same things and have the same sorts of interests, which can seem a little boring after a while. Finding someone who makes the effort to tell you something a little different, to be a bit more daring, might well pique your interest. If you want to get to know them more, that’s a good sign.

5. They live in your region

Dating people who live in your area make things so much easier. Most people are not willing to drive for hours for just a date (or a few), especially when they don’t know whether it’s going to work out or not.
However, whether distance is a problem or not depends on your personality. If you’ve been thinking about moving away or you’re not afraid of long-distance relationships, go for it! If, on the contrary, you cannot consider living somewhere else and don’t like driving, it’s best to target those a little closer to home. Be realistic.
You fell for someone who lives far away from you, and they feel the same way about you? You’ll surely figure out a solution. You don’t mind driving a few hours to see them? That's great, but think ahead: is this something you'll be fine with in the long-term?

6. You have the same hobbies

Why are you looking for a relationship? Are you looking for a senior partner to have conversations with, to have dinner with every day, someone to go to the cinema with? In short, a partner with whom you can do and share things that you like?
If they have the same hobbies and interests, good news. Sharing experiences with someone makes them even better. Of course, some couples with very different interests manage to work well too. It’s not a necessity to like exactly the same things. But still, being with someone who spends their weekend hiking while you just love staying home and reading all day, could end up being a little frustrating.
At all ages, especially after 50, most of us prefer to be with someone who has common interests and shares some of our passions.

7. You love chatting with them

Talking with them, whether on the phone or online, is a pleasure. They went beyond the “hello, how are you?”, and put some real effort into their online dating first message. They are interested (or seem to be, at least) enough in you to ask you about your life, career, family and interests. They also reply in a timely fashion and don’t keep you waiting for days on end. Being able to have an interesting and active conversation is a good start. It might also be a good sign for the future!

8. Trust your instinct

As you can’t read the future, you won’t know whether someone is the right one just by reading their dating profile or chatting with them. It's best to put faith in your instincts. You don’t feel comfortable with them? There is something that bothers you about them, even though you can’t figure what exactly? Trust your gut. On the contrary, you have the feeling that you could be a good match, because you connect, you like chatting with each other and it’s hard to stop the conversation? Don’t wait much longer. It’s time to meet them for a first date and have this feeling confirmed.


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