How to Look Your Best for Your First Date

It’s your first date and you need to look your best to improve your chances of getting a second one. Preparing in advance is a smart idea but there are a few other steps to follow in order to make a great first impression on your first date.

Step 1: Choose the perfect outfit for your first date in advance

You should think in advance of what you’re going to wear on your first date for four reasons:
1. It allows you plenty of time to choose the perfect outfit,
2. You will avoid the panic of being late if finally, you realize that the outfit doesn’t work,
3. You can check with a friend if it fits you, and
4. You are able to change your mind or even go shopping to complete your ensemble.

8 ways to look good for your first date

Additionally, what to wear on your date will depend on where you’re meeting. You’re seeing each other in a fancy restaurant? You’ll need an elegant outfit. To avoid making the mistake of over or under dressing, it’s best to check if there is a dress code first, before choosing your clothes accordingly.
If instead, you’re meeting somewhere more casual, for instance, at the cinema or in a coffee shop, wear something nice but comfortable. You need to feel both relaxed and attractive for your date!

Step 2: Pick your accessories wisely

Just like with your outfit, choose your jewels, purse or watch in advance, and carefully. They will be meticulously scrutinized too! Whether you’re wearing a pearl necklace or lots of large and colourful jewels, an haute couture bag or a home-made purse, an expensive watch or a cool cap, your accessories will say a lot about your personality or income. So, when you’re dressing up, decide what you’re willing and ready to show or not.

Step 3: Have a good night's sleep

You never look better than those days when your body is fully rested and relaxed. On the contrary, a bad night's sleep leaves you with a drawn and tired-looking face, black circles and perhaps a greyish complexion. To avoid that, make sure you get your 7 or 8 hours sleep quota the night before your first date.

Step 4: Take extra care of your hygiene for the big day

The day of your date, have a nice shower with a sweet scented soap, wash your hair (if needed), spray a little deodorant and brush your teeth: everything needs to be perfectly clean! Bring a pack of mints and your deodorant with you, just in case. Don’t forget to check your nails too, they should be perfectly hygienic. There is nothing worse than black nails!

Step 5: Take care of your beard/make-up

The beard is to men what make-up is to women. In both cases, adopting the appropriate reflexes is essential before going on a date: your face is the first thing people will see.
For women over 50, simple make-up is always the best choice for a first date. Go with something natural and decide whether you highlight your eyes or your mouth, but not both as it might look too much. By the way, make-up isn’t an obligation. Do (or don't do) whatever corresponds to you the most!
If you are a man, trim your beard before your date in order to make it look perfectly clean and neat. Just like with the outfit, prepare in advance in order to achieve the desired length: a three-day beard or longer?

Step 6: Smell great for your first date

Spritz a bit of your favourite perfume before you leave your apartment. You’ll feel attractive and therefore, more self-assured. But we said a little, there is no need to use the whole bottle! A strong fragrance could overwhelm and even bother your 50+ match.

Step 7: Feel good in your shoes

The last thing to do before you go is to put your shoes on. As for the outfit, your shoes must correspond to the location you meet at for the first date. And like your accessories, they can say a lot about you. A simple glance and your mature date can tell if you are wealthy, meticulous, eccentric or more of a messy kind.
Additionally, choosing the right pair can take time, as your shoes need to fit the rest of your outfit and vice versa. That’s why it’s best that you pick them early to avoid being late for your first date!
When you make your choice, make sure you select a comfortable pair, whether you're going for a stroll or to a restaurant: you never know, your senior partner could take you for a walk after dinner! The best choice is elegant shoes in good condition that fit with the rest of your ensemble and, if you want, that are a little flirty.

Step 8: Make you sure you don’t feel disguised

Finally, as there is a pretty good chance that you’ll feel quite nervous before your first date, don’t add any more stress by feeling uncomfortable in your outfit! Whether this is your shoes, your haircut or your tee-shirt, you won’t feel at ease if you have the impression of being disguised.So, if you feel weird in this jacket even though your fifty plus friend told you it was the new trend, you should probably change. Focus first on what makes you feel comfortable. You’ll be more confident!


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