Dating while Travelling: How to Date and Find Partners

Whether you’re a retiree or a holidaymaker, whether you’ve sold your house to buy an RV to travel the world in or you simply love to discover our beautiful planet during your free time, chances are you find yourself away from home quite a lot. Lucky you. The problem? You’re single, and you would rather share your amazing travelling experiences with a companion, perhaps even with your significant other.
While it’s easy to meet nice people during a trip, it’s not quite so simple finding potential matches to date. Don’t worry, dating while travelling is do-able and can be a lot of fun.

Find partners on dating websites

Finding dates over 50 has never been easier thanks to dating websites. You simply need to register, write a little about yourself and then contact the members that interest you. Most websites (including allow people to search profiles by location and gender, so next time you've got a business meeting in Stockholm or a stopover in Brussels, why not arrange a date with a potential match?

Dating and Travelling at the Same Time: How to

Moreover, there are even dating websites dedicated to travellers of all ages. Another idea is to look for dates on Instagram, Facebook or other social media.

Go on cruises

There are many ways to travel. You can decide to go solo, book a charming hotel, rent a car to get from one place to another, etc. However, the chances of bumping into someone interesting while travelling like this are usually pretty low. If you really want to meet people, why not go on a cruise? You can find sailings that cover most regions of the world, so there is almost certainly at least one destination that would please you.
On board, there are many opportunities to meet seniors and have a great discussion, whether out on the sun deck, in the restaurant, at the swimming-pool or even on the dance-floor. Moreover, people usually feel more relaxed and ready to initiate a conversation during a cruise. This is the best way to make new friends and, maybe, start a new relationship!

Travel with a group

Sharing experiences always makes them more intense. Just as with cruises, traveling in a group is a great way to ensure that you'll be surrounded by other people. If you don’t mind spending time with other like-minded adventurers, this form of travel may be just for you! You’ll be able to meet new people, share your experiences, make new friends and perhaps even find love! Additionally, there are groups dedicated solely to 50+ seniors who love travelling.

Join day-trips or try new activities

You prefer travelling solo but also enjoy being around people now and then? Instead of travelling full-time with a group, you can simply join in with a couple of group activities or a day-trip organised in the area. This way you’re able to meet people, all while respecting your desire to discover the place on your own. Additionally, this is the opportunity to try new things, for instance, scuba diving, skiing, wine tasting, etc. You can find these activities and trips in travel agencies, your hotel, tourist offices or online.

Opt for low season over high season

High season equals families and, therefore, children. For this reason (also because prices are lower), most seniors prefer to travel during off-peak seasons. If you too prefer to be surrounded by mature men and women rather than families, it’s best to travel outside of the school holidays. It will be much easier for you to meet other seniors like yourself and perhaps even find someone interesting.

Dare to start the conversation

While this may seem easy and obvious for the most extroverted of us, it’s not always the case for everyone. Whether you’re at the restaurant of your hotel, by the pool or in the supermarket, don’t hesitate to spark up a conversation with those sitting or standing next to you. People are often more relaxed and open to having a discussion while they’re on holiday. As for the locals, many of them love interacting with foreigners. You feel a little shy? Take it as a challenge, and don’t worry, they are people just like you!

Don’t expect too much but don’t close doors either

Dating and meeting people while travelling can sometimes be a bit complicated, as at least one of you hails from somewhere else, maybe even from the other side of the world. It’s even more difficult if both of you are travellers and are never staying in the same place for more than a month.
If you meet someone amazing but know that it will be extremely hard to see each other again, it’s best not to expect too much, nor to get too attached. Even though what you’re living together feels incredible and life-changing, bear in mind that this might not lead to a serious and stable relationship. Perhaps you’re thinking: ‘But what’s the point of meeting people if there’s no chance of a future?’ In this case, the point is simply to have fun, to share a nice discussion, enjoy life, have sex and discover new things!
Also, who knows? Sometimes things do get serious. It’s rare, but it happens. Many beautiful stories start overseas, far from home, regardless of whether the two partners share the same nationality or not.
You really like this person but you don’t come from the same country or area? If you’re both retired, maybe one of you would love to move and get closer to the other. You don’t necessarily need to end things with this person just because you think there’s no future. You could be surprised!

Enjoy the present moment

So, you had a lovely time with your holiday romance but now this is the moment to leave. Although you knew from the beginning that you would have to say goodbye, perhaps you still feel a little sad?
When you travel, you know that you’ll eventually go home or leave to visit another part of the world. Instead of thinking of the separation, focus on the lovely time you’ve spent together. What you’ve lived was a great experience. Perhaps you’ll see each other again, perhaps not. As you can never know what will happen next, just enjoy the present moment, what you’re living right now. Travel, enjoy yourself and love. It’s precious!


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