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Today, meeting other singles when you are over 50 is a little easier thanks to dating websites. With just a few clicks, those looking for a relationship have access to many different profiles which makes chatting with potential matches a piece of cake. The following tips will help improve your chances of finding your special one on a dating website such as

Where can I find and date other singles?

Searching for other singles after 50 can seem hard when most of the people around you are married or involved in a relationship. Fortunately, there are many senior singles looking for someone special as well. Going out more often and attending events where you can meet new people are essential to finding a date. Certain websites organize events for men and women over 50 (for instance, blind dates, dinners or dances) where you just need to register. Taking classes or volunteering are other solutions. You can also look for other singles on a free mature dating site, such as

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Where can I find a match online?

You can search for other singles online on a dating website. After completing your profile, you’ll be able to contact other members by sending them a message or using the dedicated forum. Alternatively, it’s also possible to look for a match on social media, for instance, on Facebook groups dedicated to senior dating or on alumni sites where you can meet people of the same age.

Which dating website should I choose?

Choosing the right website is essential in order to maximise your chances of finding the right match. Incidentally, there are many different dating websites, so it’s best that you register with one that corresponds to your search and personality. For example, is a dating website dedicated to men and women over 50 looking for a serious relationship or a friendship.

Does online dating really work?

Yes, many serious relationships start online. Some of those who meet on a dating website even get married! Additionally, more and more seniors are making the decision to register. This is good news because it increases your chances of meeting potential matches in your age group! accompanies men and women in their search to find love or friendship. Some of those who found their soulmate online have shared their beautiful success stories here.

What should I write on my profile?

Once you register on a dating website, you’re asked to complete a profile. It is a bit like a brief biography where you can introduce yourself and talk about your search. Take the time to describe your interests, hobbies and the kind of relationship you are looking for. These details are important for the other members who will read these few lines before deciding whether or not to contact you. This section is your opportunity to show off your unique personality, so try to make good use of it!

What profile picture should I choose?

Take the time to choose the right profile photo, as this is the first thing other members will see. The picture must be recent and of good quality. It’s best to abstain from selfies as well as pictures that have been retouched by editing software such as Photoshop. Give preference to a picture that shows you at your best. Furthermore, you should avoid group pictures and opt instead for a photo that highlights your face or your whole body.

I receive too many messages: should I answer to everyone?

No, you should only reply to the people who could be a match for you. Don’t worry, they won’t be offended if you don’t answer to their messages. Chances are they also receive e-mails that they don’t respond to. Instead, focus on the men and women that really interest you and on what you’re going to write in your first message.

I’ve found a potential match online: How do I write the first message?

The first message is very important. You have to make your potential match want to reply to you. This is why you need to take time writing it. These few lines should be friendly and respectful, as well as simple and short.First of all, pay attention to your grammar and spelling, as lots of errors could make a really bad impression. Also, avoid netspeak, many people don’t find it pleasant to read.
You should also refrain from complimenting them on their body. Instead, it’s best to discuss their interests. To ensure that you get your first message right, carefully read their profile and react to it. For instance, if they mention a book or an author they are fond of, why not refer to it in your first message? This will show that you’re interested in who they are and their personality.
Moreover, the first message needs to start a conversation. Don’t just write “How are you?” as the conversation could quickly dry out. Instead, pick up information about them from their profile and think of a question you could ask. For example, try to bring up something you have in common, such as an interest in the same style of music. This will make the person you’re talking to more willing to reply. Don’t forget to ask questions that keep the conversation going, but be sure not to overdo it – just one or two at a time is perfect!

How long after the first message shall I meet them in-person?

Dating sites are a great way to find other singles. However, a conversation started online should rapidly move on to a face-to-face meeting. If you prefer, to make the transition between sending messages and seeing them in person smoother, you can contact them by phone or video call. Once this is done, you should arrange a date as soon as possible. If you have any doubts about the person’s intentions, it’s best to avoid meeting them. Trust your instincts!

(S)he is asking for my personal address: what should I do?

You should never give out any of your personal details to someone you don’t know on the internet. These details include your personal e-mail address, where you live and work, your full name, and your bank details. You should only make the decision to give him/her more information once you have met face-to-face.

Where shall we meet for a first date?

For a first date, always meet your potential match in a public place, for instance, a coffee shop or a restaurant. Never meet anyone you encounter on the internet directly at your place or theirs. You should also refuse to be picked up from home by them in their car. To be safe, give the address of the place you’re going to a friend.

The choice of where to meet for a first date depends on your personalities and interests. Nevertheless, it’s best to choose a place where both of you feel comfortable. Although it’s a good idea for another time, you should refrain from going to bars with live music and any other noisy places for your first date, as it will be difficult to have a conversation.If you’re not so sure about the person you’re meeting, you should also avoid seeing them in a restaurant. It would be awkward to leave in the middle of the meal should the date go wrong. Another idea is to go for a walk in a park or to meet in a museum, if both of you are keen on art.

I’ve met many people but I haven’t found the right person yet. What should I do?

Be patient! Although it happens to some people, it’s very rare to meet that special one on the first date. It’s normal to see several prospective matches before bumping into your soulmate. In fact, dating different personalities will multiply your chances of finding love.


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