A Dating Guide for Singles Over 60

Being single at 60+ and dating again can seem a little scary. However, today, finding other singles of your own age is much easier than it was before. It can also be fun! Discover our guide for singles over 60 who want to get back into the dating game.

Online Dating: Find Singles Over 60 Easily

Registering with a mature dating site for over 50s, such as 2seniors.co.uk, will help you to quickly find singles of your own age, for instance, seniors over 60. It’s also a practical way to beat loneliness.On the dating website, you can browse many other profiles that may interest you using criteria such as age and location. Don’t hesitate to contact those who you think could be a match!Additionally, use the fifty plus forum of the dating site you’ve registered with to begin or continue a discussion with other members. The chat service will also allow you to send instant messages to your potential matches.

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Make use of Social Media

Social media is not only great for sharing funny video or keeping in touch with your family and friends. It is also a useful way to find former friends from college or ex-colleagues. Search for them and send them a little message!Additionally, on Facebook, you can find many groups of men and women looking for singles over 50 or 60. Request to join the groups of your choice and then start up a conversation with your fellow members. You can eventually ask for a date if one of them interests you. If you’re on LinkedIn, you can also send a message to those you’ve met at a meeting or an event.


When you retire from work, you might miss the camaraderie and relationships that you may have enjoyed with your colleagues. Volunteering at an association will perhaps allow you to recreate this atmosphere. At the same time, it will also help you to meet other retirees like yourself (as well as younger people) who want to feel useful by helping other in needs.Lending a hand at an association, a theatre or a charity shop, sorting out donated clothes for people with lesser means or helping children with their school work are just some of the many things that you can do to make a difference.

Learn new skills

Learning new skills and broadening one's knowledge is important at any age. If you are retired, you’ll probably have more free time to dedicate to activities you enjoy.Why not take lessons and learn some new skills? Joining a club or a class will help you to meet new people who share the same hobbies and passions as you. Who knows? You could even meet Mr. or Mrs. Right.Join a choir or a club, go to a ball or a dance, take painting lessons or join a book group. Depending on where you live, you may find that you have an incredible variety of options available to you.

Join Seniors Holidays

Whether you’re a retiree or not, going on a senior holiday allows you to kill two birds with one stone: relaxing and having fun while meeting new people at the same time. Holiday clubs are, in fact, a great way of meeting singles of your own age. Many holiday companies organise solo trips or tours for seniors. Cruise tours are also very popular amongst the older generation.If you’re planning to head off on your own without organising things through a club, you may want to check the school holiday dates first in order to avoid being surrounded by families. This will ensure that you have a peaceful stay and you’ll also have more chance of meeting and hanging out with people over 60.

Attend as many events as possible and don’t hesitate to spark up a conversation

The key to finding other singles is to be open to interacting with the people around you. Don’t hesitate when it comes to striking up a discussion with your neighbours, with the other grandparents in front of the school when you go to pick up your grandchildren, or when you’re queuing in the market. The opportunities available to you are numerous. Make sure to grab them!Additionally, attend a maximum amount of events, for instance, a friend’s party or the spring picnic organised by the city council. Why not also try contacting your old friends again? One of them could be single too. Maximising your opportunities for social interaction will go a long way towards eventually helping you to find other single people over 60.

Make yourself look accessible to others

You can never be sure where and when love will eventually decide to show its face. However, your attitude can play a fundamental role in your search for love. You’ll have more chances of finding a partner if you stay proactive and positive. In general, people are more attracted to those who seem open and happy, sociable and accessible.Moreover, flirting and dating can be really fun. When you are about to start a conversation with someone, try to smile and give off a caring vibe. Laughing and projecting a nice, warm energy will also help you to charm the person you’re talking to. Make the most of these opportunities. Relax, share a joke and just enjoy spending a pleasant moment together.Unfortunately, maintaining such a positive attitude can be hard for those feeling depressed or lonely, especially after a separation or a divorce. Getting back into the dating game after 60 can also be rather stressful. However, studies have found that even forced smiling could help to reduce stress and even make you feel happier. You might not see a change right away, but after a while, you’ll surely see the effects. Therefore, don’t hesitate to smile and laugh as often as you can!


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