20 Fantastic Things to Do When You Retire

Retiring might be something you’ve been really looking forward to. Conversely, perhaps you’re feeling anxious about the potential feelings of loneliness or boredom after all these years working. Not to worry though, as there are so many options available to you! Check out our list of some of the fantastic stuff you can do when you retire.

A senior woman gardening

Try something crazy or adventurous

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to do something a bit foolish but, due to the pressures of life, nerves or money, you’ve never gone for it. Well, now's your time! Skydiving, bungee jumping, going on a giant roller coaster, cheese rolling (why not?) or even taking a trip on a hot air balloon, there are so many ideas of thrilling things you could do. There's no age limit for fun and trying new things!


Millions of Brits would love to travel more. If this is the case for you, don’t hesitate any longer - pack your bags today! Head off and visit all those exotic places that you’ve always dreamed of seeing, as well as returning to all those that you already know and love.

Register with a dating site

Today, there are many 50+ men and women that take the plunge and register with a senior dating site or join an online group. Why not you too? Whether you’re a mature single searching for a serious relationship or you’re looking for senior friends who share the same hobbies as you, you’re sure to find some interesting and like-minded people.

Learn a new language

Whether you’re planning a trip abroad or not, a great idea for something worthwhile to do with your retirement is learning a new language. There are many apps (Duolingo, Babel) or online lessons (via Skype or YouTube, for example) that can teach you Spanish, German or French. Besides, learning a new language is a fantastic way to improve your memory!

Plan your retirement abroad

You’ve always dreamed of retiring by the sea, somewhere sunny and warm? This is the moment to make your dream a reality! After all, if hundreds of thousands of Britons have already done it, then why not you too?You've got plenty of time now to prepare for your retirement overseas, whether this involves looking for an incredible house or villa, learning a new language, talking things over with your bank or packing up all of your stuff into cardboard boxes. So, Costa Rica, France or Corfu? There are so many great countries to retire to!

Try new things

In life, we usually follow a similar routine and do the same old things day after day. Why is that? There are many reasons for such behaviour: it’s comfortable and familiar, we know what we like so why change, etc. However, not only is trying new things exciting, it also makes you more confident, stimulates creativity and is great for your memory.So, no more excuses, it’s time to try painting, to join a club, to taste some exotic food, go to a music festival, try a new sport or anything else you can think of that you’ve never done!

Spend time with your grandkids

It can be so frustrating not having enough time with the grandkids. Now, you can visit them more often, and fill your quota of hugs, kisses, and laughter! Moreover, their parents will surely be appreciative of some help. What’s better than a free babysitter?

See your friends more often

When you have a career and a family, it’s always a little difficult to find time to see everyone, especially those friends who live at the other end of the country or overseas. So, now that you’re more available, it’s a perfect opportunity to regularly visit your loved ones, whether this is just for dinner, the weekend or longer.

Go on a cruise

Cruise ships are one of the favourite travel choices of men and women over 50. If you’ve never done it before, you must go on a cruise ship at least once in your life! Solo, with your partner or with 50+ friends, you're guaranteed to have an amazing time aboard trying all the activities, meeting people and exploring beautiful places.

Swap your house

Have you ever considered swapping your house with friends who live in the countryside, the mountains or overseas? It’s so simple, not to mention free! All you need to do is to prepare your luggage at the same time, find a way to exchange your keys (you can, for instance, hand them to your friendly neighbour), and then travel to their place. Voila! You in their house, them in yours, for as long as you both like.

Write a book

A lot of us have thought about writing a book, but how many of us have actually done it? Probably just a few! Why not join the list by writing your own book, whether this is your memoir, some poetry, a fantasy adventure or an intriguing detective novel. Be creative!


You cannot use the excuse of being too busy with your job and children to avoid working out anymore. Additionally, not only does exercising keep you healthy for longer, it also helps you to stay fit, feel energised and happy! If you’re going back to sports after 50, first pay a visit to your GP to get some useful advice.


Remember all those moments you’ve regretted not having enough time to read more? Even if you’re still super active and have an endless list of commitments, make sure to always keep a book with you. It’s important to have quiet moments too!

Adopt a pet

There are so many studies that have shown the incredible effects our furry little friends can have on our mood and health. According to science, having a dog or a cat can make you happier, help you reduce depression, stress, anxiety, blood pressure and can even help you live longer! Additionally, if you decide to adopt a dog, walking them daily is a terrific opportunity to exercise and meet new people.


If you’re gardening already, you must know how relaxing this activity can be. This is also a great way to exercise. On top of that, what a pleasure to cook vegetables and fruits that you’ve grown yourself! Now that you have the time to garden for as long as you want, you could also try planting new varieties of flowers or vegetables.

Start a blog or a podcast

Starting a blog is actually quite easy and really entertaining. What you need to do is to choose a topic that interests you (travelling, cooking, gardening, etc.), find a great blog platform and a web host, design your blog to make it look amazing, and then write posts regularly.You could also start your own podcast (an audio file similar to a radio broadcast), whether solo or with a partner. It could be a lot of fun!

Remodel your home

It’s time to make some changes at home and renovate a few rooms, whether this is the living-room, the kitchen, your bathroom or bedroom. You can do it yourself and go buy your paint at the store or work with professionals to create something truly gorgeous.


Looking for something useful to do? You could try teaching. Whatever your field (law, mechanics, history, architecture, etc.), teaching can be exciting and rewarding. You could also spend some time giving English lessons to foreigners or helping children with learning difficulties.

Learn to play music

Piano, violin, saxophone or harmonica - there are plenty of instruments that you could try. There's no age limit when it comes to learning new things. Furthermore, this is a great mental exercise and it’s incredible for the memory.


The problem when you are retired is that you want to say ‘yes’ to everything. By doing so, you may end up busier than when you had a job! So, have a break, and rest. Although it’s fantastic to finally be in a position to do things that you couldn't before, getting some rest is also essential. So, dare to say ‘no’ (even to your children), and take the time to just do…nothing!


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