10 reasons to start senior online dating

Today, millions of Britons of every generation (including men and women over 50) use dating sites, whether it's to find love or just to have a fling. Importantly, it also seems that this new way of dating really works: about one in five relationships start online, according to a number of recent surveys. Moreover, a recent study has suggested that more than 50% of couples will meet online by 2031. So why don’t you join the movement and give it a try?
If you are unsure or remain unconvinced, here are 10 reasons why you should start senior online dating today.

1. It’s a fantastic way to break loneliness

Why start senior online dating?

Tired of eating dinner on your own? Waking up in an empty bed? Going to friends’ parties and weddings alone? Missing affection, cuddles and sex? Being single can sometimes be a real chore.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can shake off that sense of loneliness and look for a partner with whom to enjoy a chat, share a meal or watch a movie. Online dating is a wonderful help when it comes to finding and meeting other single people of your age. Dating is a great opportunity to break the routine and spend some quality time with someone new, whether they end up being a perfect match or not.

2. You can make new friends with just a few clicks of the mouse

As a mature adult, you probably feel more complete and self-confident than ever before. One of the best things (amongst many) about being 50+ is that you don’t experience the anxiety and feelings of insecurity that often trouble your younger counterparts. Therefore, you don’t need someone who will complete you, as you already are complete. Aim instead for a companion who totally accepts you and with whom you can have fun and enjoy your life.
If, on the contrary, you currently suffer from a lack of confidence (perhaps because of a recent separation), it’s important that you establish a healthy relationship with yourself first, before looking for a relationship.

You don’t feel resentment for your ex anymore

Your friends are busy with their lives, their careers, hobbies, travel plans and families or they’ve decided to move away for retirement? Online dating is not only for those looking for a romantic partner. On these sites, you can also look for 50+ friends living in your area (as well as all around the world), who share your interests and hobbies. You can finally find a companion with whom you can go to the cinema, play poker or have a nice discussion.

3. There is no set age when it comes to finding love

Regardless of whether you are divorced or were never married, whether you’ve been single for a while or it’s a more recent development or whether you have dated many people or none at all, you can still find love. Your age and your past experiences are immaterial. In fact, more and more seniors are getting married after 60. So, no more excuses. You too can get back into the dating game.

4. Meeting mature single men and women online is easier

When you are 50 or older, most people around you are usually either married or in a serious relationship. There are often just a few single people left in your social circle. If you find none of them interesting enough to date, where can you find a partner? Online! Registering with a dating website allows you to find plenty of other single men and women of your age.

5. It’s exciting and fun

The best thing about online dating is that it can be incredibly entertaining if you treat it like a game. You create an amazing online profile, choose the best picture of yourself, browse other members’ profiles and then contact them. You get excited when you receive a new message. Then there is the date. You dress up, choose the right outfit, and make yourself beautiful for the occasion.
Perhaps you'll meet funny and interesting people with whom you'll get to spend a really wonderful moment. Perhaps, instead, they'll be rather awful but, hey, at least that'll provide you with some good story material for your friends.
Whether the dates are successful or not, dating is a great way to feel energized, sexy and desired, all of which is terribly exciting!

6. You are shy and you feel uncomfortable with flirting

Flirting and asking someone on a date face to face can seem intimidating when you’re not used to doing so or when you’re shy. If the idea of sparking up a conversation with someone you don’t know makes you nervous or you simply don’t know how to flirt, looking for mature dates online might be the best solution.
Of course, the goal is to eventually meet these dates in person one day (preferably within two to three weeks of the first message being sent). However, that tricky first contact will all take place online, behind the safety of your computer screen, and that’s so much less daunting! On top of that, meeting several online dates will help you no end when it comes to practicing your flirting skills.

7. You have a busy schedule

Are you the kind of person who is always committed to some activity (your choir, bridge club or hiking group), who volunteers regularly for an association in addition to doing their job (if you aren’t retired yet) and frequently visits their family and friends who live all over the country?
Well, if you recognise yourself in this description, there is a good chance that you just don’t have the time to meet new people. Online dating websites allow you to look for dates via your smartphone, while you’re on the train, at work, queuing in the supermarket or even sat in front of the TV. You can create your profile in just a few minutes, browse those of the other members and contact potential matches whenever and wherever you are.

8. You can find mature men and women who share the same interests as you

Whereas you're not super likely to meet anyone in your general surroundings who is as passionate as you when it comes to horse riding or 19th century French poetry, you definitely stand a better chance online. Outline your interests in your online profile and you never know, you may well find someone who shares the same hobbies!

9. This is a safe way to meet people

Just as in real life, you can stay safe online if you follow certain rules and take reasonable precautions. First, never give out your personal information (full name, address, phone number, etc.) to anyone you contact online. Secondly, always meet people in public places, such as a crowded pub or square, and always give the meeting point info to a good friend just in case. Stay safe!

10. This is your opportunity to stop dating the same type of person again and again

Many people keep dating the same kind of people over and over on repeat, even though their relationships always finish the same way: with a messy break up. Online dating is the opportunity to change your habits and meet all kinds of different men or women. They may not necessarily be your “type” at first glance, but that’s a good thing. Dating someone different might be the perfect opportunity to start something new, exciting and constructive.


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